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Internet Providers


I am dumping my crappy @ss dail-up provider (who will remain nameless - what a beautiful Earth*&^% we live on) because of irreconcilable differences. I am asking advice regarding internet service providers (DSL, Cable, Dial-up, etc.). Please keep in mind I cannot afford the "super-duper", "triple-throw-down" deluxe network connector! Any help with what your paying and what you are getting (your own web page, free gas, whatever) would be greatly appreciated. I am going to shop online as well. Mucus Garcia!



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Try XO Communications(www.xo.com). I was using them for a while to host our site but changed only cause they only supported Microsoft based websites. They had good service though. They do all, DSL, land lines, dial up, cell phones(i think). They are based in Irvine If I remember correctly.

Good Luck!


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most cable providers are lik 40 bucks a month are are sometimes better than dsl

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it


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DSL is way better then cable except for the upload time is slower but you usually dont need it i have dsl and its way faster then my friends cable its the same price as cable and you just go through your phone company and ask them if they have it. im through GTE and i think i pay $39 a mounth


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the speed of DSL is also slower the further you get from a sub station. I am 1.8 miles from mine and so my DSL is extreemly fast, once you get 5+ miles away it realy deteriorates. Cable is cheaper and is great bang for the buck, but I'm sure you seen from comercials that the more people that are on cable, the slower it goes, which doesnt happen with DSL. Call your cable tv company about your cable connection and the phone companies about DSL. Also look in the news paper for other DSL companies to see what deals they can give.


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I completely agree. I have Pacific Bell(SBC) DSL at home and at work and couldn't be happier with it. I pay $39 a month at home.

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