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Into the Dust movie


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Into the Dust
Maybe I missed it, but how many have seen this independent movie? It's really good and bike guys are going to love it!



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I am about halfway through and love every second of it! It has great production value and anybody who loves Baja will greatly enjoy....especially Bike guys!


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Where is it at?

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You have to watch it in Youtube- click on the title in the upper left of the screen and it will take you there.

Just watched the whole thing, really well done. Made me miss Baja even more, can't wait for the 1000 this year.


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Rad movie and story.


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I just found it the other night. As others have said great watch! Definitely worth checking it out if you haven't already.

punchdrunk monkey

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Great movie. I watched it with my son yesterday. I told him lets watch the first few minutes and next thing I knew it was over. Had us hooked. Very cool, especially for a private funded deal.

scary fast hummer

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I especially enjoyed the father/son aspect as my 23yo son sat in the navigators seat in this years NORRA and did a great job. Even though we did not finish, it was a great time for the two of us!


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Great movie, just watched it on this rainy day. Glad the team took the ruins to film and edit and all the other efforts to share with us!!

randy s

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what a nice surprise..thanks for the heads up on it todd and congratulations to those guys for their race and a great account of their ordeal..they get it..


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Very cool movie. i am lucky that i get to race with my boys. the highs. the emotions. all the addrenaline that goes with it.


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I recommend Lawrence Janesky's book titled The Highest Calling, especially if you are a business owner it is very inspirational!