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Hey guys, stumbled upon this forum at an opportune time.
My name is Jim (Steele) Cooney (Steele has been an acquired nickname from decades ago). I've been playing in the dirt for 60 years, started out like many with a mini bike at 10. Had my first real dirt bike at 12 (Bultaco 250) and spent every available opportunity riding and racing. My Dad was very generous and supportive. I had 5 paper routes and his deal with me was he would match every dollar I earned towards my racing dreams. Around 13 got several support sponsors, at 15 got picked up by Husqvarna. Man those were the days. Unfortunately short lived, that last fateful race I got clipped mid air and landed one by ??? other bikes. Shattered my left knee cap, ligaments, ect. 9 months in a cast, 6+ months of physical therapy and I'm back at the track. I lost some mobility but bottomline I lost my edge, before the accident I had no idea what pain nor hesitation was all about.
So long story short, I spent my career operating heavy equipment, still playing in the dirt and enjoying the outdoors. I've been a business owner since 2001 and I'm in the process of selling my 1 remaining business so I can retire (Dad told me to make sure I retired before I died).
I went to KOH last year ('18) and was bit. Bought an '18 X3 Xrc Turbo R about 6 months ago. My face still hurts from the ear to ear grin. Most fun I've ever had with my clothes on, and suspension has come a long way since the mid '70's.
Anybody can take a bike or car to 90%, I've still got that DNA that forces me to not only visit but to try to master that last 10%. I haven't rolled it (yet), but have come as close as possible several times. It's just a matter of time and I'm almost looking forward to it. Look, I've never claimed to be sane or a role model (except to my kids. Pulled that off successfully, somehow).

After years of running heavy equipment and a couple motorcycle wrecks, I do have 4 herniated discs and a ruptured disc. Can't feel my feet or 50% of my left hand, so I've sold (most) of my motorcycles. But no issues 2 footing the X3, almost came naturally. I swapped out the brutal factory seats for a pair of PRP 6" suspension seats & 5 point harness. Damn near as comfortable as my living room recliner. I've riden hard for hours and to my surprise survived. Sure my pain levels are almost unbearable for the next couple days, but I've learned to live with the pain, embrace the pain as the bodies radiator cap. I spent 8+ years going through "pain management", never again. 3 worst months if my life was detoxing off the 700+ mgs of opiate pain meds they had me on. Done with the illusion that the next spinal injection might be the one that works. Done, never again.

My 1st official race was supposed to be this past Sunday (AZOP Wickenburg Hare Scrambles). Was putting everything together Thursday, loading the trailer and I realized that the fire suit that I'd ordered online a week or 2 before Christmas never shipped. Called the company, blah, blah, blah. Apparently it was backordered and they failed to notify me. So no fire suit, no racing. I still went and watched the bikes on Saturday and SXS's & trucks on Sunday. I've really missed that atmosphere and everything racing involves.

So there it is. Not my first forum experience so I know & will respect the rules, including the boring intro.
Brand new to desert racing and will appreciate all of the information and experiences you guys are willing to share.

One thing I don't have yet (besides a fire suit) is neck restraint/ support. I'll start searching the site tomorrow. Need the right equipment and the seat time wearing it before my 1st race.

Looks like I've found the right forum with the same focus point. Looking forward to meeting members and seeing who is on here that might be on another forum I've been on since last year.

Thanks for the opening. Make it a great day / night.

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Jim (Steele) Cooney