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Introducing Myself

Hello, Everyone

My Name is Vincent, im from the state of Puebla, Mexico.

I finally decided to join this forum because im eager to learn more stuff and details about Truck Suspension SetUps and Fast Off-Road Driving in general.

About a year ago, I started going to the desert on my truck, and completely fell in love with the peace and quiet of it, not to mention the amazing night sky away from city light pollution. I was doing High Mountain Trails Before, but nothing too serious).

I drive a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 2wd, with the following mods:

-Long Tube Headers (1 7/8 primaries to 3" collectors)
-Custom Dual Exhaust (2 X-Pipes, twin Magnaflow Magnapacks)
-Custom DiabLew Tune on i2 handheld tuner

-3" Lift Front Spindles (2" Wider Trac on each side)
-Bilstein 5100 shocks on all 4 corners (fronts set to stock ride height)
-Front Sway Bar Removed
-Rear Overload Springs Removed

Wheels & Tires
-Stock 17" Steelies
-285 70 17 BFG KO2s
-Rear 1.25" G2 Wheel Spacers

-GoRhino Winch Bumper
-20" Rigid Industries Spot/Flood Light Bar (Fog)
-10" Rigid Industries Radiance Light Bar (Fog)
-Twin 9" Chinese eBay-Special Led Lights
-Rear 10" Backup Led Light
-SmittyBilt Tonneau Cover

Other Mods im about to do soon
-Swap the 20" Rigid Light for a 30" Rigid Light
-2" Lift ProComp Block Kit
-Cognito UCAs

Most of my truck's mods have been done trying to maintain a sustainable budget (My truck doesn't even have power windows).

I Know my set up is not even considered to be mild, but it has been quite fun to enjoy it off road. (If I could afford a Camburg Long Travel Suspension kit, King CoilOver Shocks and Deaver Springs I most definitely would, Trust Me)

So I think that sums it up!

Here are some pics:






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Welcome to the forum. And don't worry about what you have done or not done. As long as your having fun with it. There is always someone who has more done and then someone who has done less to the trucks ya know.

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