andy andreoli

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Hello, my name is Andrew Andreoli,

I got started in desert racing after seeing the finish of a desert race in San Felipe. I bought an older Chenoweth Buggy, and played with it for a couple of years and then turned what was a pre-runner into a Class 7 truck. Raced the Toyota in VORRA and did several 300 mile races and short course races. I hope to get back into the short course racing later this year. While not doing those fun things, I administer a social services program on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation in northen California.

I did not start racing until I was 60 years old and turned 64 this year. Not very many of us seniors out there, but the ones I know, run darned fast. I drove down part of the Baja 1000 course, below San Felipe about 3 years ago, and want to try racing on it sometime.