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Everyone knows that there are many parts of Baja where it would be a very lonely and long wait for emergency medical assistance if needed - and I'm talking along the highway. Imagine driving through Cataviña and experiencing a cardiac emergency - when time is (heart) muscle? Luckily there is a group of volunteers founded by Antonio Muñoz called the Desert Hawks who are helping to drastically reduce the emergency response time for citizens and visitors of Baja alike - and all free of charge! And now you can help too.

I first heard about the Desert Hawks from Baja Rally's Scotty Bloom and we hatched a cockamamie plan where I would get the Hawks some much needed emergency equipment and maybe even a vehicle. Well, thanks to my local Ambulance service, Adventist Health's Tillamook Ambulance, here in Oregon, I was able to facilitate the donation of not just one, but two fully certified and functioning Ford Diesel Modular Ambulances. Then the volunteer firefighters from my local Fire Department donated a defibrillator/heart monitor and some firefighting gear - all in great working condition - and loaded them into the ambulances. It now looks like Charles Saxon, head of Tillamook Ambulance, is also going to donate two more defibrillator/heart monitors for the recently trained Advanced Cardiac Life Support Desert Hawk volunteers!

I know there are many important fundraising opportunities on Race Dezert and beyond, all vying for your donations. And it is not my hope to take away from their efforts, but I thought it important to let you know about the Desert Hawks and what their immediate needs are. I consider it more of an investment than a donation - an investment into the safety and security of my friends, family and fellow racers that drive through the Hawks' community throughout the year.

Thanks for reading and here are more details from Antonio Muñoz's post on Baja Nomad:

Desert Hawks Emergency Services extending to Cataviña... we request your help!!!

Hi everyone!!!

The Desert Hawks are adding more equipment. We need your help.

We will be receiving in the next couple of weeks the ambulances pictured below. One is a 2008 model, the other 2006.

Adventist Health/Tillamook Ambulance, Netarts-Oceanside Fire & Rescue, Outta Sight Racing (Paul Fournier) from northwest Oregon along with Baja Rally (Scott Bloom) from San Diego have helped make this possible.

The units will initially be stationed at El Rosario. Desert Hawks Fire and Rescue (Bomberos y Rescate Halcones del Desierto) have been working with the Ejido at Catavina and Rancho Sonora just south of Catavina to get a volunteer department started in their area. Once all that is completed and we can get a basic Fire/Rescue station set up, we will move one ambulance to the Cataviña area. The other one we would like to have at the merging of the upcoming Highway 5 with Highway 1 and/or in the Punta Prieta area. This will allow the Desert Hawks to respond faster to emergencies south of El Rosario. When a life threatening injury happens we all know response time is of the most importance. It will also provide coverage for a large area of the central Baja California desert that lacks basic health services.

To bring the units first to San Diego and then to El Rosario:

--- Oregon to San Diego: Including hotels, food, gasoline, and return airfare for the individuals bringing the units. It will also provide for liability insurance to cover the drivers.... Cost: $ 2,400.00

--- San Diego to El Rosario and units setup:
The units will be registered in Mexico with the help of the Mexican Red Cross.
The units will be equipped with a digital 2-meter radio.
The units will be painted, as needed, with Desert Hawks decals added.
The units will be insured for the first year as now required by law and driven to El Rosario and completely outfitted to do medical emergency rescue work.... Cost: $ 3,820.00

The total cost is estimated to be $ 6,240.00 of which the Desert Hawks have $ a little over $1,000.00 leaving us with a need of $ 5,240.00. We hereby ask your help to raise this amount. We will now be able to effectively service up to 150 miles of Highway 1 from north of El Rosario to south Punta Prieta.

We can receive your help and donations in any of the following ways:

1.- Online via PayPal.
2.- Online through our Facebook Page: Facebook.
3.- Sending a check to our US address:
-- Commitment, Inc
-- P.O. Box 178309
-- San Diego, CA 92177-8309
4.- In Mexico a direct deposit to our Mexican Bank Account:
-- Fundación Commitment International, A.C.
-- Banco BanBajío
-- Account: 15424492
5.- Or directly at BajaCactus in El Rosario.

Every dollar helps!!!

We appreciate the help and support that you have offered to us in the past... Together we can save lives!!!

Thank you / Muchas Gracias!!!

Antonio Muñoz
Andy F. Schouten
Desert Hawks Fire and Rescue


Desert Hawks

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Paul, thank you for your help, support and confidence. We have been helping those in need for the past three years in the area of El Rosario and South... and will do our best to continue to do so in the future. We were even part of the Emergency support team for the past Baja 1000, covering the race from El Rosario all the way to Check 4 (Mile 500 of the race I believe).

Our deepest thanks to Adventist Health/Tillamook Ambulance, Netarts-Oceanside Fire & Rescue, Outta Sight Racing (Paul Fornier), Baja Rally (Scott Bloom) and BFGoodrich who provided a new set of tires for the units, for believing in our project and becoming part of our efforts in helping others.

We appreciate any help you can offer... Every dollar counts... Together we can make a difference... Together we can save lives!!!

Antonio Muñoz
Andy Schouten
Desert Hawks Fire and Rescue
Non-Profit Organization


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Well, we made it the 1200 miles or so to San Diego with the two ambulances! However, due to some transmission issues, it was more like a Baja adventure then a stroll down I5 - full story to follow.

If there are any Race Dezert folks in the San Diego area that might be able to help out the Hawks with some transmission work on a 2008 Ford E350 diesel, please get a hold of Antonio though their Facebook page (info in first post).