INYO forest plan nearing final ROD


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Recieved today Via PDF, Im suprised it let me copy most of the text

I know this stuff may not spark interest in the racing crowd,
But I highly suggest keeping an eye on how these work, the rest
of the country is not too far behind in implementing federal travel
managment plans, California is the template, the rest of the country
is not too far behind, get involved before you see a locked gate on
your favorite super secret trail


From Jim Upchurch

Dear Interested Party:
I am pleased to let you know that the Inyo National Forest’s Motorized Travel Management Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS or Final EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) are expected to be released at the end of August, 2009. This project has been a long time in the making – starting with a route inventory process that began back in 2003! Many of you have participated in the planning process over the last few years and I greatly appreciate the role you’ve played in shaping the decision I’m about to make.
Caring for the Land and Serving People Printed on Recycled Paper
The goal of this project is to designate a system of roads and trails that provides an array of opportunities for public access and recreation on the Forest, while protecting natural and cultural resources. Using all of the comments and input you’ve provided over the years, I believe we can achieve this goal.
As I mentioned above, the Forest started this project by developing an inventory of all known routes on the Forest. We then worked with you to develop a set of criteria used to shape a proposed system of roads and trails. This “Proposed Action,” released in October 2007, started the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process for the Travel Management Project. Your comments on the Proposed Action helped shape a range of alternate motorized systems designed to address the issues important to you. These alternatives were analyzed in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), released for public comment in January 2009.
How do I get a copy of the Motorized Travel Management Final EIS and Record of Decision (ROD)?
If you sent us comments on the Draft EIS last winter,
you will automatically receive a copy of the FEIS and ROD
on compact disc (CD).

To be removed from the mailing list or to receive copies of the FEIS and ROD in another format (hard copy or web-based), please send an email to or call (760) 873-2449.
If you did not send us comments on the Draft EIS,
please send an email to:
or call (760) 873-2449 to request a copy.
Please make sure to:

Include “Travel Management FEIS” in the subject line of your email,

Indicate how many copies are needed and in what format (hard copy, CD, or web-based), and

Include your mailing address!
I was pleased to see the level of productive public interest during the 60-day comment period on the DEIS. I enjoyed meeting and listening to many of you at the many public meetings, conference calls, and other forums where information about the project was shared.
In total, more than 200 individuals, agencies, and organizations provided comments on the DEIS. Although most commenters demonstrated a great deal of local knowledge, comments were received from across the country. Of the 216 comment letters, approximately 80% were
submitted by concerned individuals, while the remainder came from government agencies, tribes, organizations, and special interest groups.
Representative of the diverse beliefs and values held by members of the public, comments reflected a wide range of sentiments regarding motorized vehicle access to national forest lands. Recurring themes included travel experience, recreation opportunities, economic effects, enforcement, impacts to natural resources, and access for other uses such as mining. Some of the comments I received provided very helpful information on areas and routes that provide access to important recreation experiences. In addition, I also heard about valuable forest resources in need of additional protection or mitigation.
Your comments gave me a better understanding of the issues important to you. I have used your comments to further refine and analyze the alternatives for the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). I’m confident that my decision will reflect a balance of access and resource protection that meets the needs of local residents and visitors from around the world, using sound science and strong public input.
In the weeks after the release of my decision and the FEIS, we will be hosting a series of meetings and other opportunities for you to learn about the new designated transportation system on the Inyo National Forest. Dates and times for these will be announced and posted on the Forest website at I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my decision with you at that time.
/s/ Jim Upchurch
Forest Supervisor


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The final EIS is out and while the Inyo NF is losing 600 some odd miles we managed to save 1,000 miles and while it is bittersweet, it's still a victory. The main roads that create a network to see the Forest were added to the "system" and many of the lost roads were redundant or insignificant with no destination.

The greenies are pissed because they can't believe 1,000 miles of road were saved when in the other Cali Forests we are losing all but a few miles of non system roads that needed designation.