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iPad noise

punchdrunk monkey

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I just started using an Ipad/leadnav in my prerunner and it makes quite a bit of "noise" when plugged into 12v. My car has a USB port wired into the dash. I plugged the Ipad directly into that. I am using a good Apple cord but the noise is too annoying to keep it plugged in. The wiring for the plug goes directly into the harness, so I don't know where the ground actually goes. The car was wired by Alumicraft so I am assuming it's done right. Humm, now that I think about it, it was a 12v cigarette type plug that I changed out to a USB port (if that would have anything to do with the noise). Ideas?

dzrt performance

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99% chance the USB charge port is the issue.

this is a known issue with USB charge ports emitting RF noise. in other cases i have seen, it messes with radio transmission....much like having the PTT button pressed all the time.

try wiring the USB charge port directly to power and ground from the battery or a different brand USB charge port.


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P0715 Isolator is a 9 pin to 9 pin Ground isolator that will fix the problem if hooking up to PCI intercom unit, or some other brands with 9 pin molex plug on back. This isolater fixes the same problem that can occur when using outside power on your in car camera. Part number 378 on PCI site.


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Try plugging the usb cord into a battery pack instead of the car's 12v system.