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Is a yz125 a good starter bike for desert racing?


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I am wondering if a yz125 is good for desert racing.I only weigh 125 lbs. So a big bike probably isn't a good choice. Those who know me from the other topics on this forum know I would like a desert truck but I don't have the money for one so I am searching for an alternitve.

Please help???
How much motorcycle experience do you have? I think a small, 200cc or less, four-stroke might be the way to go.


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I have zero! I have asked poeple outside of the web but for other activities than desert racing but I got the same answer. Thanks anyways:)

Also, I have in the past looked into dirtbikes and have read that ktm xc200(I think it's xc)bikes are good for this. Is it true and do they run in the same cass as a 125?
I think of Katooms as rather expert level bikes. The "XC" stands for "cross country." It's a good bike, competes in the same class as 125's, but probably needs more maintenance and expert care than you can give it.

Find a good, stock-engined, Japanese four-stroke for a beginner bike. Remember, first you have to finish before you can finish first. Learn about race prep and conditioning. See if you have the determination and drive to finish a series, and, most of all, don't go into debt for depreciating assets like dirt bikes.


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There is only one problem I see with a dirtbike. They are extremely dangerous and I don't want to kill myself or get hurt really bad,is there any other alternetives to a dirtbike or quad that is somewhat cost affective?I was thinking class 9 or something like that. If not I will just wait till I have the money and get involved elseware as much as I can.


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Aaaa, what the heck I'll go for it anyways. It's all dangerious anyways. I realy like the xr400 I think that's ware I will start.


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a 125 is absolutely the perfect bike for your first racing desert bike
1. light weight and will not over power you and will work better in the technical sections
2. not too fast but you will have to learn to be smooth and keep up momentum to finish well.
3. inexpensive to maintain and definitely not as complicated as a 4stk
4. learning to go fast on a 125 will help when you move up in class and bike size.
5. nothing like passing someone on their $9000 big bore dezert sled on your cool little smoker and the respect you get at the finish line when they realize you're on a 1-2-5.

get it race it, have fun and learn..

XR400 = heavy, fair handling,crappy suspension and 30 year old technology. any jap 125 will have better handling and suspension than the XR400


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Thinks for the info! Especially when I get multiple perspectives and many other facts to consider:)

Oh and 125s have more aftermarket support as well as oem support, I bealive.


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XR 400 HP = 32.9 hp stock 23.5 ft torque
264 lbs dry

YZ 125 hp = 33 hp stock 19.5 ft/lbs torque
189 lbs dry

both have after market parts and tanks skid plates etc to make a good desert sled.

get tired of the 125? put in a big bore kit and have more fun...


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an XR400 will run forever and be easier to learn on than a 125.

a 125 is a sheeeeite load of FUN, but tough for a beginner to master (especially in the desert) but that is my opinion.

cost per mile goes to the XR400 for sure.:D


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get a yzf250
why because if your out in the desert and somehow run out of gas on your 125 odds of finding premix not so bueno...

but i sure do miss my yz125 great bike to bad it gave up on me down in baja and left me stranded for 3 hours :eek: :(


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That is true. Other than that why is everynoe going four-stroke, only ktm and yamaha makes two-strokes anymore. Wr is still better than xr. What about crf250x? I was told if you get a dirtbike go Honda because of parts are cheaper and easyer to get.


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Are you planning to only ride in the Utah desert, or some at tracks, or some trail riding?
How big are you?
You buying new or used?
What's your budget?

You're brand new to riding, get a bike easy to ride and maintain. I'd also favor the xr400.
Super versitile (track, desert single track trail, dual sport), long fuel range, zero maintenance, cheap to buy, easy to ride, reliable.

125's are a total blast to ride and (imo) the platform to really understanding how to make a bike go fast. I just don't think it would be best for you at this time.
As for your other question, "which is best", at your level I'd say (if you buy one) just get a clean one in good condition with few (if any) mods and a brand with a dealer near you that you'd like to shop at.

yz250f... no.

Chase 2

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BBM hit the nail right on the head.

The 125cc YZ is the perfect starter RACE bike for someone under 21 years old. However, if you are just leaning to ride, then I too would recommend something mellower like the XR400. I was out at the 4 Aces National Hare & Hound last weekend and I was glad to see how the 125cc class seems to be making a come back.


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I am 5'7" tall 125 lbs. Yes I'm on a budget. Mostly desert and trails in Utah, I plan to race in other races outside of ut but not till I get better at riding and more money. I see pics of water cooled XRs, are they 650s? I'm just wondering, I don't plan on a 650 for a long time. When I find the need for better suspension I could alwasy get after market parts.

Also the bike that mouse rides in dust to glory, is it a xr 650?
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