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Im asking myself if rpm offroad its out of the offroad racing sport, because i see some ads from the geiser bros. on classifieds selling the prerunners, race cars and chase trucks, i work some races with them on 2010 and 2011 in score races, or are they getting some time off or are building a new fleet of race cars?
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punchdrunk monkey

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Mattney was sick and they were going to take a year off.

One-Eyed Peter

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I was thinking the same thing. Why would you sell two race trucks that are seemingly at the top of their game? Something seems weird. I'm not too savvy on social media, but I can't seem to find any recent posts from them. Anyone? Anyone?


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Unless they are building a entire new fleet of pre runners and race trucks I would say they are donski.


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Unless they are just down sizing. Sara Price has moved on. So she will not be back racing the Spec TT, so make sense to sell it. If you eliminate a few race trucks, then you don’t need as many chase and prerun trucks. I could see them come back on a limited schedule with 2-3 trucks.

Then again maybe with taking the break they realized they dont miss it and are ready to move on? You will know they are done when the new G6 TT and the AWD that Justin drives go up for sale.


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At their level of commitment I'm sure there are benefits to dumping idle and stagnant inventory and storage/maintenance of it, for however long, then buy new when/if the time comes to get back in.


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Only $545K? the true cost of these things is finally getting out to the public I figure it's @ 50% of new retail price (thats fair) when I looked at This thing going through tech & guessed 1 million as built when I seen it.

I don't think a 2WD TT can be ready to race with no spares for under $750K

JWK Motorsports

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that truck doesn't have the fancy portals that the masons do.. i think i remember them saying that andys new truck was just shy of 800k..

Zac Reish

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6100’s with spares are close to 500k once they get the things totally dialed with tuning and everything. Yes you can get them for less
But some teams are spending big dollars