Is there a Primm 300 pre-run

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Mar 5, 2007
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I dont know you but this kinda crap is what makes it so hard for us people that go to meetings and fight to keep our land open and able to race on!!!

I have only seen one desert tortoise in the wild and that was while i was racing at the 2004 Primm 300... he crossed the race course right in front of me... I thought it was a rock at first and when i noticed that it was a turtle i didnt have enough time to get stopped but there was a jump right before i got to him so i actually jumped over him... whewwww.... got out of the car and he was fine... clear of the race course... i would have felt terrible if i had hit the poor little guy... So I jumped on the radio and let weatherman know to notify SCORE! that there was a turtle near race mile 65ish

I was talking with the owner of Slash X and he said that one of the major causes for the desert tortoise being endangered was not the races that go on but a lot of people used to paint targets on the backs of the turtles shell and use them as target practice back in the day... now they are endangered!!! stupid jacka_ss's!!!

I also heard that its not offroaders per say that are hurting the turltes, i mean they are not getting hit as often as we think...
They actually loose precious water that they need to survive when they are scared... they will either urinate on themselves or waste the water trying to get away... so if there is not an adequate water source near by they are in DEEP trouble...

Just my .02
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