Isenhouer Brothers Vegas 2 Reno 2021

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Oct 21, 2007
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Our 2021 Vegas to Reno in one post… .

Wednesday was qualifying. I had Garrett Stone ride with me since he had just gone around the course. We put down a pretty solid lap with only one real bobble and landed us in the number three 6100 spot for Friday’s race.

Thursday was tech/contingency and prepping the crew and chase trucks for Friday. We had one hell of a solid crew of dudes both in the pits and in the truck, and we had a killer plan to help back up our qualifying run.

Friday morning we left Vegas at 4:30am and headed to the start. Our plan was for Keith Marygold and I to run to pit6 then have Chris Isenhouer and Stone jump in and they would take it to the finish.

Off the start Keith and I ran a mellow pace knowing that we had 489miles to go and didn’t wanna throw it away in the first 100. Well we didn’t throw it away in the first 100, it was at mm124 where I had a little laps in judgement and caught us a left rear flat.

We had put a good amount of time on the trucks behind us and felt we could knock out the tire change quick enough to not loose our 3rd place position. Well poop hit the fan during the tire change and we had some technical difficulties and found ourselves losing not only the 4minute lead we had on 4th but let about 6 other trucks scoot by while Keith and I were really showing our old age and hunting for water and inhalers after getting back in the truck hahahah. (Maybe time to start exercising)

Once we got back in the truck and got going our plan had changed a little, went from cruising and keeping a pace to playing catch up but keeping safe in the dust.

It was 40 miles later when Keith and I were running down a pole line road in top gear when something jumped out and bit the whole left side of the truck. Front flat, rear flat, rear broken wheel, rotor, caliper and more.

Whatever we hit was BIG. We were stopped half on the course in a sketchy high speed section which made it tough to work on the truck. Took us about an hour to patch it up enough to run to pit 6 where we noticed a really really bad hub seal that was dumping oil pretty bad. (From said monster rock) Chris and garret got in and we topped off the diff and sent them on their way stopping at every pit to top off the diff.

Then after about 100 miles they had the axle cap pop off the same side that hit the mystery monstrous scary rock. With a not gunna quit attitude they used the trucks license plate, yes now I need to go to the DMV, to hold the axle in and run it to the next pit where the guys made a new cap out of some ammo cans!

At this point we were just looking for a finish and we weren’t going to give up. Took us a whole lot of gear oil and a ton of patience from Chris and garret but we finished with a time of 11 hours and 50 minutes!! 22nd 6100 truck buuuuuut we were so stoked to just cross the line that the results meant nothing.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll never stop, we could not do any of this with out the support of our friends and family and the company’s that help keep this truck ripping!

Our first V2R was a win in my book.

Here is part 1 and part 2 of our journey presented by 4WP, Rugged Radios and Terra Crew.



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Oct 8, 2018
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great write up and videos, that was fun to watch. I could listen to that truck all day long, so damn cool.

Bummer you had issues but looks like a lot of fun.