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isle of man,two more riders killed.

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Less or more dumb than climbing Everest or K2? Mt. Hood? Mt. Rubidoux?


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The Isle of Man TT is a place where racing is not limited by too many rules and being dummied down for the less skilled. It is a beautiful thing to see, a rider totally in tune with his machine and the racing environment. It's not unlike watching the best in Class 1 or TTs. Anytime you push the limits there are going to be injuries and sometimes fatalities but that is something we as racers acknowledge when we suit up.


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Omg. That’s some funny stuff there. It looks to me like some one is serious about that car violence thing, but there all alone. Hope they never find out what happens in Baja.

There is another FOR REAL Facebook Group / Organization that Stands for Moms against Motorsports. I could not find them. Basically I was calling out SLIM out for having a | instead of +.