It is time to DELETE Purple and RESTORE

It is time to DELETE Purple and RESTORE!

I've been an active member and participant here on RDC from the very beginning - 15 years. It has been in decline for several years now, for many reasons, but a big one of them is the existence of the Purple Forum.

It has dragged down the heart and spirit of the forum and community and has no place here. This is not a political forum, it is an Off Road forum. On any given visit, I can click on the "New Posts" link and half of the results are crap in Purple - it is hard to find good content, so many participants have simply left the table.

It is like a big Thanksgiving Dinner, where a few at the table get into a "Purple" argument and it ruins the dinner for everyone.

Sure, you can say "don't read it if you don't like it" but that is like saying "don't listen to the family fight in the middle of the dinner table" - it is ruining the fun here. It is breaking up the family and people are not coming back to the dinner table.

I am active on several other forums where the tone and spirit are much more inviting and political comments are not part of the content.

We have people here who basically only post in the Purple Forum, they are not here for anything to do with Off Road or Desert Racing - what is that all about.

There are plenty of other outlets for the "Purple" content!

Just DELETE Purple altogether and see get RESTORED to its greater mission.