italian job (ps2)


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not a bad game at all. kinda a combination of smuggler's run and stuntman, i'd say. you get to drive mini coopers (and other vehicles as you unlock them) as fast as possible through city streets, jumping stairs, curbs, construction ramps, dips in the streets, etc. all while doing stunts, like e-brake turning and leaning your car up on 2 get points by hitting things like trash cans, mailboxes, and newspaper racks, but you lose points depending on your overall time through each mission, how much damage is done to the vehicle, and if you have to "respot," which generally happens when you get stuck or flip the car. 2 other modes allow for regular racing, and stunt/obstacle course, which is friggin' hard, but fun.
pretty entertaining so far. and, it was only $39.99, instead of the usual $54.99 most new games cost. worth picking up, i'd say...