IV Hydration for those that are serious about winning.


Nov 13, 2018
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Racers experience crazy, stressful, and demanding schedules making adequately hydrating before a race almost impossible. A typical racers week involves traveling, pre-running, followed by hours in tech and contingency in the brutal heat, and finally sitting in the driver's meeting that drones well into the evening. Racers are notorious for last-minute preparation. They tend to either slam down massive amounts of fluids the days before the race or they suck down a 12-ounce bottle of water right before they take the green flag. Each has its own unique set of problems! Over drinking water leads to hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels), and under consumption of water leads to dehydration. Both can be catastrophic to every racer’s health and performance.

Finishline IV Hydration started when off-road racer Julie Boyer began experimenting with a better way to hydrate during races. As a nurse, Julie knew the science behind IV drips. As a racer, Julie knew the habits and needs of off-road racers. Most off-road racers spend long days prepping their vehicles and spend little time prepping themselves for one of the most strenuous events their body will ever endure. She came up with the method to hydrate with an IV drip before racing, known as “preloading” fluids. IV drips work by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream, where vitamins are immediately and wholly absorbed in cells, which accelerates their effects. The bioavailability of IV vitamins and medications is 100%, unlike oral hydration, where only 30% of nutrients are absorbed through the digestive tract. Once you begin exerting excess energy, you're generally going to be fighting a losing battle against fluid and electrolyte loss. So storing a vast reservoir of fluid to draw from is exceptionally beneficial.

Unlike camels, humans can’t store up vast quantities of fluid for use later on. Attempting to preload with plain water inevitably leads to more trips to the bathroom as well as abdominal bloating and discomfort. When you drink water, the water enters your stomach, is processed by your kidneys, then your kidneys convert the fluid to urine. However, when you hydrate with an IV and the need to urinate decreases, you bypass the digestive tract, which is a huge benefit to every racer! No more getting into a seat that your previous team member peed on. It is a Win-Win for everyone !!!

What exactly is dehydration? Dehydration happens when you lose more fluid than you consume. Your body is 70% water. Your blood, muscles, skin, and bones are reliant on water. Most people think the purpose of hydration is to prevent dehydration or to replenish electrolyte stores. Although both are true, the fundamental goal of hydration is to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Hydration and the fluid you consume are a way of helping your muscles breathe, which gives them the energy they need to perform. Optimal hydration maximizes your blood volume, allowing general cardiovascular function and your ability to dissipate the heat produced by your working muscles. IV Drips with added minerals and vitamins aids in reducing fatigue and enable you to maintain your performance for longer.
Off-road racers work as hard as professional athletes – so why would they not hydrate like them too? NFL teams have utilized IV hydration before games and at half time for decades. Using IVs for racers to achieve maximum hydration is highly effective when administered 12 - 24 hours before racing. The essential nutrients for athletic performance include Vitamins B&C, Glutathione, Zinc, Magnesium, and Taurine. Glutathione reduces oxidative stressors, extends endurance, improves immunity, and reduces post-race infections and inflammation. The top trophy truck teams have utilized IV hydration for years. Now every race team can employ this advantage. ”Podium” is Finishline IV Hydrations’ custom blend of vitamins, nutrients, and medications to ensure every racer reaches their optimum performance level. Check out https://finishlineivhydration.com/ for more information.