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Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build


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I talked to UMP about this a little over a month ago when I was trying to get one made. They were pretty firm that their wing was designed to provide stability at higher speeds and fully functional. My Chenowth never raced with one but my partner was fixated on putting one on. I tried to dissuade him as it is just not a good fit for our car because of the years raced even though I love the look. You of course got the last wing parts available and UMP will not make anymore. I had to go to some aircraft buds I know in Torrance to get it made so it is no longer a $500 investment, but it's his dime on this one. I see a lot of photos with those wings hanging off from race damage, so that and the drag it might cause were my other concerns. I am on the fence on this one at least in our case. I conceded since it is easily removable.
Of course your car needed one to make it the great car that it represents and it looks Awesome. Really nice work on the car, can't wait to see the final lettering and finish details.
Rory, did UMP make this wing? Cliff at UMP searched his rafters to find the parts to make mine and told me that was it for wings. He said if he didn’t find the parts he wasn’t going to build it. I have seen people talk about drag and slowing the car down but we haven’t noticed any difference in accelerating to the top of 4th. Cliff told us how to set it up and we followed his instructions. With the wing the car is no longer “skatey” above 94mph so we will race with it for now on.

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Greg Lewin who was the crew chief on the Ivan Stewart Chenowth said it was a “$500 number plate”....😬
i had a 6 inch wing on the back of my top,it looked cool,but it was used to keep the top from opening to far.when people asked how much downforce it make.i told them about 1000lbs at 150mph,then they asked how fast in went.i say about 75.my first car was the cloudhopper it had a huge wing,but did not come with it.your car it coming out great.


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Rory, did UMP make this wing? Cliff at UMP searched his rafters to find the parts to make mine and told me that was it for wings. He said if he didn’t find the parts he wasn’t going to build it. I have seen people talk about drag and slowing the car down but we haven’t noticed any difference in accelerating to the top of 4th. Cliff told us how to set it up and we followed his instructions. With the wing the car is no longer “skatey” above 94mph so we will race with it for now on.
Ahhh it must have been you then that got the last one, but yeah they said they were done making wings. I thought it was Rory, but when I looked back on the thread I saw it was somebody else.


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I have a guy in Southern Cali that makes them for me. He does a pretty good job, I’m happy with the last 2 I bought from him. Email me if you want his contact info.
[email protected].


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I have a guy in Southern Cali that makes them for me. He does a pretty good job, I’m happy with the last 2 I bought from him. Email me if you want his contact info.
[email protected].
Thanks Rory I will make use of that contact if I have another one made someday. Unfortunantly I already ordered it to be done last month. I should have looked back in your thread but I get busy and just did not think about it after I talked to UMP. It won't be a UMP which is disappointing but it should be close.


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Body panels were dropped off to Chuck Eichelberger who is going to letter the panels. Chuck has been doing this for a LOOoNG time and is also an old school desert racer himself. I laid out where I want the logos and about how big they should be...


I also blew up the coyote artwork
to fit the actual size it was painted on the hood...


Chuck took some notes while I explained what I needed done...


All the panels are ready for lettering, just have to wait for Chuck to work his magic and get them done....


In the meantime I will be working on little things like finishing the brake lines, running fuel lines and getting the pedals back in the car. Plan is to have the car ready for delivery at the NORRA 1000. Crossing my fingers...


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Chuck is hard at work laying out the lettering for the Chenowth and it is starting to take shape. The Modern Motors lettering looks good on the hood and if you look closely you can see the “Ivan Stewart” penciled out underneath...


The coyote “El Flaco” as I was told was his name, is almost complete and also looking great. It’s a shame that this form of art is almost dead...


the side panels are also taking shape, only need to mount the vents (blue taped off area) and then add the black outline to the white lettering...


Coming together nicely, can’t wait to see it complete!


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Wow, just WOW! Chuck is killing it on the lettering and the coyote (El Flaco) cartoon on the hood. It is too bad that this form or art is dying. I am just as excited about this artwork as I was when Jeff Furrier had the custom lettering and artwork put on the Mark Stahl Chenowth back in 2011...


Chuck started outlining the white lettering and it is really making a difference, check out the hood...


Here’s the rear quarter panel...



The side panels are almost complete but we ran into a time line issue with getting all the paint work done so some of the aluminum panels weren’t quite finished. The side vents are part of that so they need to be sprayed red first, then mounted to the side panels, then they get the “Modern Motors” lettered on them. So far this is what they look like...


Last but not least is the nose piece of the car and probably one of the most important pieces when it comes to being lettered/painted. “El Flaco” was the mascot for Modern Motors and the paint work on the original car was top notch. I have to say that Chuck KILLED it and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out...


Sooooo, with the lettering almost complete and also the paint work almost complete we are starting to see what this thing is going to look like when it’s all done. Rich Richardson from Rich’s signs is making us “New” old school contingency stickers for the car as I have a bunch of little things to knock off my TO DO list to get this thing done. Still shooting for the end of April but who knows with the way the Flu 😷 is going around and no toilet paper to be found anywhere....🤦🏻‍♂️😬


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There was a break in the weather today and I was finally able to pick up the body panels from Chuck. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results...


While Chuck was working on the body I was cleaning up some misc parts like the throttle and dead pedals. I completely sanded them down and masked off the back part of the pedals and then painted them blue. I then sanded down the high parts of the blue to the bare aluminum...


Jim Richardson sent me some old school stickers for the Chenowth and also a few others just for fun. Jim hooked me up with a good price and I HIGHLY recommend him if you’re looking to do your old school ride up with some vintage stickers...



now the fun begins as to figure out how I want to lay out the stickers. Since the car had two or three different sticker layouts due to changing of sponsors, we kinda have to mix and match some stuff to see what works. Here’s a couple ideas...




You might ask yourself why waste your time on that and just start putting them on. Well, I can tell you I think it is important to layout the stickers just right or it will throw off the entire look of the car. I have designed paint jobs around certain sponsors logos just so they will look right. Nothing irritates me more than walking down contingency row and seeing stickers just slapped on the side of race cars with bubbles and creases. UGH!!!!

Ok, I’m off my soap box now. Another little job I did was on the valve covers. I painted them blue also and then sanded the high points back down to the aluminum. I bolted one up the the motor (temporarily) just to see what it will look like. I’m thinking once I strip all of the green off the manifolds it will look a lot better. I will also have to throw a coat of clear on them to help protect them from the elements...


I’ll be back at it tomorrow as I need to start finishing up on the front and rear suspension. Also need to order all the new hardware for the car and start knocking off the final prep to the car. With The NORRA 1000 now postponed until October that will free up some time to try and get this thing finished.


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It looks Outstanding Rory, I am further along on mine then I expected at this point in time, but have not kept up on posting, I forget half the time to take enough photos so I think it will become a big photo dump unfortunantly. I know what it takes to do this and still have time to post up. I find your posts so well done I am enjoying coming out of the garage at night then just seeing all your spot on documenting.

I was going to order from Jim, but now that I see that your decals were identical to what I was putting on, I might as well have him duplicate it as those exact decals were what was on my car skins.


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Back at it today before I head back to the fire dept and I got a few misc things done. First I cleaned up the “Sandmaster” manifold that was so generously donated to us by Ryan Haugley. Then I picked up the Zenith carb (That was also generously donated by my buddy GARY Haugley) that was total restored and rebuilt from my buddy Mike Banks. The manifold was painted and we sanded away the excess black so the Sandmaster logo was legible...


I spent about $200 on hardware and a few push lock AN fittings for the fuel line. The fuel line is pretty much complete, I just need to put the new carb and manifold on the car and cut the fuel line to fit...


I then finished up the rear brake lines and put the new hardware in place so I won’t have to go looking for it when the shocks are ready to go back on the car...


The pedals are now in place, just need to finish rebuilding the reservoirs and bolt them into place...


I set the torsion bars to ride height, or close to it...


Then finished up putting the brake shoes in the drum...


All in all a pretty productive day, I’ll be back at it on Tuesday morning and hopefully be able to cross some more stuff off my list.


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Time to tackle the side vents today. I started by marking out where the vents will go and where I wanted to cut the holes...


Next it was time to cut through the fiberglass...


As for now the vents are temporarily mounted with screws but once they are painted (red) and then lettered (Modern Motors) they will be pop riveted to the body...


Here’s a shot from inside the car looking at the backside of the panel...


Here’s a shot of the drivers side...


With the vents mounted I worked on changing the exhaust over to something a little more era correct...


The zenith carb is “Somewhat” in place and the temporary air cleaner. The Sandmaster manifoldwas not made to clearance Alternators only generators. The Alt is a little wider near the pulley and it hits the bottom side of the carb and manifold. My manifold has been clearanced but needs a 1/2” spacer between the carb and manifold to make if fit better. I was told this was what they did back in the day so I’m searching for a spacer and if I can’t find one I will have to make one...


Another little project is to take these old Simpson seat belts and clean them up. I will take them apart, power wash them, then dye them black to regain the old color. I will also work on bringing back the buckles so the luster comes back...


Next week I will start fabrication on the throttle and clutch cable tubes that go from the front to the back of the car. With the wing mount complete and hopefully the tubes for the cables finished next week, I will then bring the parts up to Allcoat to have them powder coated.



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Nice Martin, I guess it's on buddy.....hahahaha. Sorry about the sideways photos guys, lately when I've been updating from my phone the photos have been turning on me for some reason.