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Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

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IIRC, those 13" tires were the hot set up for the original Class 9, 40hp 1200cc. I've got a pair, but in far worse shape, still hold air though, almost bald and scored by barbed wire, etc.

I miss Western Auto. ;)

Impressive results for your elbow grease, Rory!

harleys dad

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I still have a set of 4 brand new 913 sandblaster that were never mounted still in wrappers kinda small for todays cars and of course about 43 years old lol


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(Coughing) Daves a hoarder!!


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Been pretty busy the last couple weeks but I work slow. I broke out the JMR tube bender the other day and started on the nerf bars...


My bending skillz are getting better but the time it takes me to do it needs some work. I must have spent the entire day making only the drivers side nerf bars but I was happy with the results...


My notching is getting a little better too...


Don’t worry, I’m not getting too cocky, I have a long ways to go but I’m happy with it.

With the nerf bars pretty much completed I finished cleaning up the rear Sandblaster tires. Here’s the before pic....


Here’s the “middle” pic after I scrubbed them clean to get the 30 plus year old dirty and grime off. They tires are still soaking in trash bags right now but this is what they looked like before they went in...


The front Centerlines are at a friends house waiting to be picked up. Once I get them I will put them all together.

Today I just got back from a great trip to Phoenix. Had to take my daughter down for here routine doctors appointment and then stopped by Ed Beard’s place to pick up some very cool stuff.

Ed use to be a Chenowth dealer back in the 70’s and 80’s and had molds for a Chenowth 1000. In fact, the body on the Mark Stahl Chenowth was purchased from Ed Beard by Jeff Firrier after Ed saw the car sitting at tech inspection at Parker when it was on display getting ready for restoration.

Long story short, I contacted Ed and we agreed on a price for the molds. Since I don’t really need them they are going to someone else who has the room for them and would also be considered the “Perfect home” for them. I’m sure if someone wanted a new Chenowth 1000 body he would be willing to have one made at a good price....more info to come on that.

Here’s the hood and the nose...


Rear Quarter panels...


And the side panels...


I know it’s not easy to tell but these things are in FANTASTIC shape.

The next exciting thing to happen was the old seat in the Chenowth. The seat is a Mastercraft but they don’t have any old stock. Ed Beard on the other hand has a little bit of everything. Luckily for me he and Barbara found the EXACT pattern for the old Chenowth which is AMAZING if you’ve ever tried looking...


The blue seat is NOT the colors we were looking for. We were looking for the fabric to the right (Orange, yellow and red). The seat will then be finished with a light brown or tan vinyl with grommets like the ones shown on the blue seat.


The seat should be ready for pickup in about 3 weeks or so, can’t wait to mount it back in the car.

What’s next? I have to have the front steering box mounted and have the front end cycled so there is minimal bump steer. Once that’s done I have to mount the fuel cell and a couple odds and ends then it’s off to get sand blasted and powder coated.

Ol' Curmudgeon

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I admire your efforts to preserve off road history. A true service to the sport.

Great to hear Ed and Barbara are well, too, Rory!


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Looking great Rory! You took all the gel coat off?
No, the gel coat is still on the molds except for the nose, it didn’t have any. Some of the gel coat was breaking free but the molds look really good.

As for the previous owner, I’ll have to look it up. The car was raced in VORRA and stayed around the Bakersfield area most of its life.


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Warpy- You want some actual Chenowth side nerfs? I bought a few sets years ago when I had the 2000 chassis and still have an unmolested pair on a shelf.


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In true Racers Only Motorsports fashion I’m out sweating my nuts off in the garage during 4th of July weekend. That’s ok, I guess it builds character right?

I decided to tackle the front bumper this weekend and boy did that take a while. I only screwed up 2 pieces of tubing but got it finished. You might ask yourself “isn’t it just 2 pieces of tubing anyways....?”. ERRONEOUS!!!
Anyways, I took the old bumper off and made some measurements then transferred them to my work bench with a sharpie...


I bent a “cheater” 90* bend and started bending. Make sure you bend on the right end of the mark or you might find yourself throwing tools and carpet bombing the garage with obscenities. I got the top tube in place and was happy with the results...


I then made end caps for the top tube as a bolt will be welded to the inside of the cap and then bolted flush with the shock tower...


All was going well and then the bottom tube was now in place. Once mocked up where I wanted it I test fit the “Original” Chenowth plate...

After putting in a few small 1” tubes between the upper and bottom tube it was ready for welding. My welding has gotten a little cleaner but I’m a perfectionist so I feel I still need some work...but they are getting better...


Now that the nerf bars and front bumper are fabricated up, I only have a couple more things to do before the car comes down to the frame for sandblasting. Once the Beard seat is done I will fab that in and also the Fuel cell. Meanwhile I did end up having to replace the original 3/16” aluminum that the pedals sat on. I wanted to fill in all the holes (36 of them) to make it look cleaner but my aluminum guy said it would most likely warp the aluminum. Sooo, I had to buy a 2’x4’ sheet of 3/16”, OUCH! It’s sitting in place now and I have some left over for the rear skid plate. I’ll mount the pedals once I get the seat mounted...


The shifter is also tucked into place, also waiting for the seat to be mounted to make sure everything clears...


I picked up my front Centerlines today and cleaned one of them up. After only 5 minutes of work it turned out pretty good. I will finish polishing it up for a cleaner look but you get the idea...


I’m hoping to have the frame stripped down by the end of this month for powder coating but we’ll see how long I have to wait for the seat to get done first.


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Well, it doesn't seem like much is going on but I have purchased a few things in the last couple weeks. a couple of the recent purchases include:

*German type III rear brake drums, backing plates, brake pads, hardware and wheel cylinders.
*Type I front drums, backing plates and brake hardware.
*Wheels studs

It was then off to get the old Sand Blaster tires mounted to the Centerline wheels. I was a little worried about them being too dried out to hold up to the tire machine but they held up very well....maybe it had something to do with me treating them with tire shine and sealing them in trash bags for 6 weeks in the AZ heat....

Sand Blasters.jpg

I still have to do a little more clean up on the tires but you get the idea. Next was the pile of shocks I have benn gathering over the past 3 months. I had Norm Francis drop them off to Bilstein for me and see if they can be rebuilt. Parts are getting scarce for these old shocks but my buddies at Bilstein told me they would have me covered either way....



Still waiting on the seat to arrive so I can mount it in the car and then mount the pedals. After that I need to get the fuel cell mounted, shifter linkage, steering box and steering linkage, then it should be close to the final tear down for paint prep. I would really like to get rolling on this project as there is a possibility we could be moving up to Kingman within the next 6 months or so.....tired of this hot weather. Next update coming soon.

harleys dad

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that looks nothing like the shock mounts on Ivans car, I am confused, why if you are doing a tribute car to his car or are you doing a tribute to Vanzants car after he changed it? Let down
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that looks nothing like the shock mounts on Ivans car, I am confused, why if you are doing a tribute car to his car or are you doing a tribute to Vanzants car after he changed it? Let down
Well Dave, I can’t make everyone happy. The suspension will be a little different along with a few other things. I’m not that worried about it, don’t let it bug you, not worth it since it doesn’t affect you. Good luck at the races buddy.


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I like your fab skills and your humor....your very good at humor :)

harleys dad

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Well Dave, I can’t make everyone happy. The suspension will be a little different along with a few other things. I’m not that worried about it, don’t let it bug you, not worth it since it doesn’t affect you. Good luck at the races buddy.
Not buggin me, I know your restoration skill and confused me why you didnt apply them there is all.


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Not buggin me, I know your restoration skill and confused me why you didnt apply them there is all.
Dave, I get where you’re coming from. You’ve been around and know what is what. I think Martin said it best, it’s a “Tribute” car, not the real thing. If it were the real car I can assure you I would be jumping through hoops to do it right since that’s what it would deserve....like Challenger IV and the Ivan Stewart Toyota. This Chenowth is not the original and has a completely different rear suspension system then the Modern Motors car. We already had to cut off the front end to put back to a link pin beam (was ball joint for class 9).

Anyways, the plan for this car was to make a “Tribute” car with existing parts I had laying around the shop along and get it at least era correct. Dave, don’t take this response as a “Listen here Dave...” type deal, just giving you a little insight on my thought process for the build.

With that being said, there is a slight possibility that this car could get a different paint job and go a different route since a deposit has not been officially put down on it. When it gets ready for paint we will revisit this with the possible buyer.

Heading to Cali this weekend to pick up some stuff including a fuel cell and some other goodies. The new link pin hardware and spindles should be here soon also.



Hopefully I will get an update on the shocks from Bilstein soon, we are getting closer.