J-king & dirt alliance to be on mtv - come be apart of it!!!


Woah guys this is badass, I just got this of the Dirt alliance site. I guess J-King is gonna be on a new show on MTV this summer. Haha sounds tight.
The name is Hot Chicks With Bad Boys. Show sounds down haha.
I got the info from this link http://dirtalliance.com/news/blogs/141/
I’m going!

From The Dirt Featured Artist "J King" will be shot for a new show (not a pilot) called "Hot Chicks with Bad Boys" that will be aired on MTV this summer.

The Dirt Alliance Rig will be featured in the show as the cast will be hanging out on it having a good time before his concert.

 We are looking for GIRLS, TRUCKS, & PARTY PEOPLE to be in the shoot on April 30th at The GodFathers Night Club in Chino.

Show up early!

For more info contact:

Mike G. 909-904-5501

12570 Central Ave. Chino CA


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gnargnar bro. I wonder how much SRH attire will be worn that night:)



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This thread a FJ!!!!! Not the responses but the first post ever made LOL!!!! Get a clue people on this site are the exact opposite of what you are posting!


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What a flat out joke...seriously.



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Here's an idea, how about a show called "hot chicks with guys who have class and a sense of style" or better yet "chicks with guys that arent D bags"

I will totally be watching this right after I watch Twilight with my girl friend <----not. :D


Nimrod de PMC
HOLY BRO HOE BATMAN! I smell an IQ of 35!
and i agree with Kartman...WTF did he say?
BRO! dude, brosef, DGAF!!!!!! what you dudes say abut that guy! he just looking to conform like the rest of the doushebags...
I know a bro or two i would like to show what up... ironiclly most of them live in blythe....


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You guys better watch your back. 15 or 20 kids that weigh 110 lbs., all tatted out with their flat bills cocked a little off center might jump you. It would take that many because they can only use one hand because they are using the other hand to hold up their size 44 Dickies. Be extra careful if they show up in a lifted crew cab with 44" mudders and a TapOut sticker on the back window, that means they are a true badass.
You've been warned bro!


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jajaja REP SENT!

That actually happened to me once. all of them about maybe 5'7ish 120lbs and im close to 6'2 280:) so nothing happened:D

The key to bros=stare back or ''mad dog'' them.


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I wonder how many pages of this subject are on the DR thread?HAHA


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Lemme guess this will be on VH1 after all the other douchey shows they have on there now...

Ozzie M

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Man i live in the (9bro9) so i have to see these douches all day driving around in their lifted trucks (which daddy bought for them)throwing me dirty looks cause my pre runner isnt in the sky they think there lift spindles and plastic blocks are the shert haha