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Dad was going through an old box today and ran across a stack of old magazines. There are at least 20 of them. They are a bunch of old off roading magazines with coverage of all the old score races and mint races. (parker, mint, baja international, mexicali 250, off road world championships, 1000) ect. Most of them had his picture in them too!!! There are also a buch of programs from the off road world championships for about 4 different years, and the baja international for a few years. Heck in his office at work he has another cabinet full of the same type stuff. I found a deal in there called the off road racing handbook. It has a one page bio on every racer that was a score and hdra member for that year along with all of their contact info, and about a 10 page story on sal fish and the history of score. Its not over though. Here at home there is another cabinet full of old race pictures, programs, patches, magazines, ect. Not just his pictures either. Micket T, parneli, and Bill Stroppe when he used to co ride with pops, to name a few. There is also a droor out in the shop with programs and race maps from a lot of the score races in the 90's. We also found a couple of old jackets with his name on them. One is from the heavy metal challenge, and another is from the Mint 400. Damn I am having fun going through this stuff. I told him with this amount of stuff we really could start an off road museum.

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