Jawbone-Cal city


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Hey gang,
I had a pretty long day

First thing i would like to say(I hope i got this scenario correct), Martin in socal,
you must have left quite an impression at the WEMO meeting yesterday,
there was a few people asking who you were today, Paul Kober only could
identify you as a fireman from big bear, I could only put two & two together
& assume it was you,... he said you were very knolageable on the issues, &
we need folks like you on our side,
Great job!!

I met up with Paul Kober of CORVA first thing this morning & commuted
out to jawbone with him(maybe pick his brain some)
Ed Waldhiem is on vacation, so Paul took over the meeting in jawbone
the jawbone meeting was pretty uneventfull, other than the fact im learning
more how these meetings work, WEMO was disscussed

anyway, we also had a Cal City town meeting to attend at 6:00pm
We had a few hours to kill, so my dad & i took Paul on a pretty detailed tour
of the Cal City area, where we like to recreate at, he was not farmiliar with the area,
& he learned a lot

The purpose of the town meeting in Cal City, was it was suppose to be a
"pre meeting" on recreational issues in the area, not a meeting to debate
issues at this time, but discuss grants for studies & grants for improvements
for recreational areas(it turns out they missed a deadline for some grant money
for this year)

It wasnt long before sparks were flying, land owners accusing ORVers of vandlism,
tresspassing, without care,& tearing up the desert

DR nick, the meeting superviser, had to get the meeting in order many times
Lou peralta was there, & was very helpfull calming people down, But he was
visably annoyed with at how some of the property owners handed themselves

It looks to me there will be no closures in Cal city area for now, the WEMO plan
may effect a few trails in the rand mountins,(this WEMO plan sounds like a real nightmare!)

but as far as cal city, the town supervisers
seem to be pre-occupied with grants for now, most seem to be on our side

Anyway, im sure i left a few things out,but Its gettin late


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the effects of wemo in calcity will be incredibly huge if the 5:1 mitigation stands and the outer areas finally fall into the dwma(don't ask, i can't explain it without a map) or the sra or the ita. again, don't ask.
our idea of turning cal city into a privately owned ohv park appears to be mearly impossible. the folks in cal city better pay attention...the wemo plan is gooing to be a big nightmare for private land owners.

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