JBA or Bassani Headers ??


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I will be building up the 5.8L (351W) motor in my '94 F150 and was curious what you guys thought for headers. I've had Flowtech on a Bronco with the same motor, and they were junk. I'm either gonna go with Bassani's equal length shorty headers or JBA's shorty headers.

Any thoughts from experiance on this?

I'm leaning towards the Bassani since they have equal length primaries.




Krittro Campbell
THere is a shop by Donahoe that makes nice custom headers for cheap... I would take it there and get exactly what you want.

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Jerry Zaiden

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JBA, they are what we are running on our Ranger now! They are one of the highest quality NON custom headers out there.


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i've had real good luck with the bassani headers for that application. even though they are equal length they still fit good and hold up well. i've got a couple sets on the road with over 50,000 miles on them, no problems yet.

which ever brand you pick if you can install them with the engine, that's the way to go. the one side is kind of a pain with the efi stuff.

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What about REF, just met Greg Yesterday, made a from scratch set for the current jeep in like 3 hours. Big style, all equal collector and all, think ender 800.

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Jerry Zaiden

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Greg is one of the best out there. He does awesome work. But they are not CARB certified. He does hot rod and off-road / race stuff.


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I can get the Bassani equal length shorty's with ceramic coating for $465.00 or even cheaper. For me It would be hard to justify spending $800. I've got a list of things to do.

Plus like Jerry said, they are CARB certified so I wont have a problem smogging it.

Most likely I'll go with the Bassani, I was just curious what people had to say about them vs JBA.



I've got some JBA's I'd be interested in selling. One of the tubes has a small dent that I had to put in it to clear a plug on my GT40-P heads with the angled plugs. I need to get a set specially made for my application now and the JBA's will need to go. They have maybe 100 miles of use on them. They are designed for the 351w application with a stock head design. I've run JBA's in the past and have NEVER had a single problem. Great quality but they are expensive - go figure.

If you have aftermarket heads make sure you can return the headers before you purchase them. I got screwed when I found out the JBA's won't clear a GT40-P head - don't make the same mistake I did.

Anyone know who is making "inexpensive" custom headers locally? How much?


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Just following up on this. I picked up a set of Bassani equal length shorty headers and their stainless steel y-pipe with single hi-flo converter. These headers are a work of art for a production product. The quality on these are great, and I have seen practically everything. They are built way better than the Flowtech's I had on a bronco years ago.

If you're in the market for headers or an exhaust, I would make an effort to check out Bassani's stuff.