JCR, Baja Bound and Pab.


Dec 4, 2005
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San Clemente, Ca.
Just got back from the Baja Beach Bash. What an amazing time. 68 riders of ALL skill levels. From Johnny Campbell and his team riders to Cory from San Clemente that had only ridden a bike 6 times in his entire life and went out and bought a brand new 450X so he could be part of the madness.

Tim Morton from Baja Bound Moto along with Pab and JCR planned out and mapped out an amazing time for all the riders. They actually made trails weeks before the ride that had NEVER even existed. Some seriously twisted single track!

Heck even the chase guys had a blast. Playing domino's with Big Daddy on the beach and talking buggy dork racing with Jamie Campbell. (dream come true for me!)

Close to 80 people with 5 chase trucks and 68 bikes. No drama, nothing stolen, just the warm Baja vibe, great food, great friends, amazing riding and an unforgettable time.

Good deeds:
The ride raised over 4 grand for Santa Marta orphanage, a thousand bucks for racers to ranchers and I think over 2 grand for the Baja racer injured at the 500 in the head on accident.

You should have seen the kids at the orphanage when they saw Johnny Campbell....They went nuts......He signed all their shirts. You REALLY should have seen the kids faces when he lined them up and had them sign HIS jersey!

You guys who are holding out on going to Baja are really missing out. The place is empty and the people are SO happy to see us. The people of Baja are amazing people and so warm and welcoming that for the first time in a long time I never felt the uneasiness or that low level anxiety that I have felt down there in the past.

Thank you so much Pab (your an amazing friend, thank you brother!) Tim and Johnny, I had a blast.

PS. Where else is a Nimrod like me or anyone else gonna get the chance to spend the week riding with Johnny Campbell and Team JCR , Pab, Anna Cody, a few of the Metal Mulisha guys and Cory who made his 7th time ever on a dirt bike the trip of a lifetime.

PPS. Tim Morton's wife Jen rides better than you! :eek:
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Sep 22, 2007
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Still laid up on the couch with the foot from "Mr. Deeds". Wish I could have made it. I was planning on it until my accident last Monday night.


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May 19, 2003
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Are u kidding me Nim U the man,i'll talk buggy dork with you anyday