JD^2 bender equation

Erik Irvine

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I was wondering if anybody had the equation that calculates the amount of length, and start point for bending tubing with a JD Squared manuel bender (I think model 2 or 3, I forget.) I know the equation came with the instruction manuel but I lost that awhile ago. The tubing I will be bending is 1.5 inch tubing with 8 (or 9?) inch diameter die. Thanks


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First, that is a big die for 1.5" a 6" radius is common. As for the equations do a search for the thread called bend formulas it has everything you could ever want to calculate.


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if i get your question right, you wanted to know where the bend would start at right? well, i just bought a JD2 model 3 and a 1.5" dye and in my directions it says that the bend will start 7/8 of an inch inside the dye from the outside edge. hope this helps.


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Check out pirate4x4.com. There is an excellent tech article on tube bending. In fact it is called Bending 101.