JD2 Model 2 dies ???


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I'm gonna call JD2 to see what the difference is for sure if I get a chance today, but thought maybe someone here may know also. Will the Model 3 dies interchange with the Model 2? Anyone know the differences in the two benders. I got a Model 2 for free and am going to set it up. Don't have any dies but have friends with some, I'm curious if I can borrow theirs for now or if I need to make some purchases right away!!!


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i have used a couple of my friends model 2 dies on my model 3 before so i dont see why not


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I am fairly sure you can interchange them but I don't know what the differences are between the two. My JD2 is the best investment I have made in fabrication equipment (besides my welder) The JD3 must be even better!

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