Jeep Cherokee hood

I was at the Nevada 500 in the early 90's, & found this Cherokee hood after the race (near the finish, where the cars were gunning it). It was off either Rob MacCachren's Jeep (Class 7s), Curt Leduc's (Class 3 or TT), or ?? It's sitting in my garage, a nice red fiberglass hood with a circular aluminum cut-out for the air-cleaner. I know a lot of race-shops have these things hanging on their walls, as race sourveneirs ("scars of battle"). I know a lot of you are real race fans, so if you're interested, get in touch with me. I actually, ought to think about keeping it myself. Heck, I eventually want to build a pre-runner with fiberglass skin, so I ought to keep it.

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MacCachren? Wasn't he was a Ford Rough Rider at that time?

I believe Steve MacEachern (or something close to that) drove a Mike Lesle Jeep around then.
Yes, but before Ford Rough Riders, he was Walker Evans Racing Class7s top-gun. (He was recruited by Walker, after his successful Class 1 campagining...long time ago). Brian Steward drove a Class 6 Jeep for Walker, about the same time...then got promoted to Class 8.

In '93 Baja 500, Steve xxx (veteran, who drove one of Jon Nelson's 1st creations, the Miller Class 8 in '87?) drove the Leduc TT (big 4WD jeep, straight-axla front end).

I have some cool footage from the old days, some really blitz action at end of race, where they were "going for the win". I will upload it shortly.

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"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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Keep it and buy my Cherokee off of me!</A>">

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