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Hi guys I’m looking to do upgrades to my 2005 Jeep Wrangler I want to be able to go rock crawling but also have it be able to do desert racing. So what are some upgrades?

Dave Cole 4454

Um...cant be done. You will never be able to go fast in 4wd. Rocks are for Donkeys.

Sorry, couldnt help myself.

Seriously, your 05 Wrangler is 99% a TJ which means short wheel would need to stretch it at least 10" to make it even serviceable in the desert. Like everything else...suspension is King.


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My opinion, sell your jeep, search hard and long, buy something already done that fits what you want to do. There are vehicles available that are already done and will cost you way less. Expect to spend LOTS if you want something to attempt to do both!