Jeepspeed in 2016


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Dec 16, 2005
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Hi all. With 2015 season over, and 2016 just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what Jeepspeed has planned ,especially reading threads about other classes.
The Jeepspeed Challenge for 6 cyl Jeeps remains unchanged with 33" tires and 10" front travel with 12" rear travel.
However the unlimited Class 3700 Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws has big changes. Now open to pretty much any vehicle as long as it is recognizable a Jeep or Dodge (Mopar) with front grill, hood and fenders. Motors are open but no dry sump V8s. Turbos and superchargers OK on 4 and 6 cyl .Max width to outside of tire 93" . Max tire size 37". Front travel 15" max and rear unlimited. Vehicles with tube frame back half or Jeepspeed approved tube frame are limited to 117" wb. (new 4 door Wrangler). If you keep full frame it must be Stock wb +/- 2". This allows both Ultra 4 Class 4500,4600 and 4700, Class 8 , 1450, 7200, Sportsman and other classes to run with us if it looks like a Jeep or Dodge. Examples a Ford F150 Class 8 could be reskinned with Dodge panels (another Fodge?). A 1450 Ranger could be re-skinned as a Jeep Comanche. (Ramanche?)

We know this is a bit wild but it will interesting to see how close performance is with these different specs when you apply wheel travel and tire size limits.

Thirdly, our new 3750 Intermediate Jeepspeed Outlaws is similar to 3700 but with limitations to fit between these two classes with 35" tire, 12" front travel and 14" rear travel, 87" wide outside of tire, 2 shocks per wheel. Engines must be Mopar with max 6 liters., Steel body must be retained to rear of driver/passenger compartment. Glass fenders and hood ok. Driver and passenger doors must be operational. Examples Class 8100 Full size Dodge, 6cyl Jeeps with V8 Mopar conversions.

All Jeepspeed Classes have mandated General Tires and KMC Wheels but in return you get subsidized $800 entry fee in our 6 race series with Best in the Desert ($1000 V2R) AND payback. New teams will receive one set of tires when you buy one set but must do 3 races to qualify.

Full rules and details at

Fire away with your questions Thanks.