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Any one heard of this??? I hear there are going to be 6 XJ's racing MDR next week.


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yeah check out http;//www.Jeepspeed.com- I'll be there in Ridgecrest next week.

Its for 1992-01 XJ(regular Cherokees) its a budget class.

check the website for more info


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Are they racing as their own class or are they entering in the sportsman truck class?


Anyone know how the unibody Cherokees are holding up... at least those without subframes? I used to own an 86' Cherokee 4x4 - I beat the crap out of that thing and it never broke... but it did bend - right in the middle of the body. Seems to me that once you get a Cherokee all caged and race legal, you'd be better off running some other equivalent speed class that's cheaper? Anyone know what the average price people are spending to build the XJ's up for racing?


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They are considered their own category, however, within MDR, they will be starting with/considered a part of Class 1400 (Prerunner).

For this year, JeepSpeeed has American Racing Wheels as the "title rights" sponsor of the series. They are posting a championship fund of approx. $6,000.00 for this year. JeepSpeed has a three-year plan. Look for the SCORE Baja 500, and the BITD Vegas to Reno, to be added to the JeepSpeed schedule beginning next year.

Like Doug pointed out, go to JeepSpeed.com for all the details. If you have questions beyond that, call Clive at JeepSpeed.

I'm looking forward to seeing this group run in Ridgecrest.

Talk to you later!



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OUCH!!!! This hurts...........A few years ago, I set my sights on a Jeep and decided if I was to get, I would race it. I got it (way low price) but I need the money more right now and now jeepspeed. Sounds like a good start for someone looking to get into racing cheap. Oh well.


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Should be a good show, just seeing if I was the only one hearing about it..