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Jesse James racing again?


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I just saw a picture of a Trophy Truck (instagram) at the Off-road Expo. Does anyone know his plans? Is it new/old? It looks like it has anew body, if it's the old truck.


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Don't know of any plans for racing it but I heard Jeff tell someone it was the only truck they had put together

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TT#54 is prepped and ready.
Hope to race very soon. I've just been super busy with new gun company.
Also working on the crew of my wife's Nitro Funny car.(24 races a year)
Doesn't leave much time for me to prerun.
I'm trying to get Trump to increase the days to 30 hours so I can get more done

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Hey TT#54...I just live a few streets away (if you still live west of weird). If you need any help, just let me know. It would great to see you out at the races...


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Happy anniversary to you and Alexis!

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