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Jimmie Johnson


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Now I know that most of you guys and girls out there are not real big Nascar fans, but since I see people getting behind Robbie Gordon, I though that I would mention Jimmie Johnson. He is my mom's cousin, and he is from El Cajon. He also had his start in racing, with off-road racing. He used to compete in the Micky Tomphson(?) Stadium racing where he would race with Rick Johnson. Then he graduated to running trophy trucks in the score races. So maybe you could root for him, in between Robbie.


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moto-you are so right. he started in superlites, went to 1600 buggies, then trucks in mteg. then onto some TT racing and soda/corr before trying out the left hand stuff. I know he always said it was a goal to make it into the premier racing leagues(nascar/cart/f1) and here is to hoping he does great! every person who has made the jump and done well always impresses the pavement folks. their ability to drive on the edge and make saves is what sets them apart from other pavement only types. guess driving in teh dirt isn't as easy as they make it out to be!


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Props to JJ...Fasted qualifying time/avg speed. The West coast guys are starting to give 'em some stiff competition.

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