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Jesse James could've been a dead man yesterday afternoon when the train he was riding in collided with a semi-truck hauling a load of tomatoes.

Jesse James

Jesse and his 11-year-old son were among 279 passengers on the choo-choo as it rolled through Monterey County, California -- when it suddenly plowed through the semi which was inconveniently stopped on the tracks.

Amtrak and the California Highway Patrol confirmed no one was hurt in the ketchup-creating crash ... which would have made for some really, really awesome video.

James posted photos of the wreckage on his Twitter page, saying "This trip is turning out to be a real train wreck ... train was going 70 mph, good thing the truck wasn't Peterbuilt. Would have been Tragic."



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wow! thanks for the update i am glad to hear that no one was hurt.


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That could have been pretty bad. Glad to here JJ and his kid are safe...


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glad everyone was ok


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Jesse's got no time for tomatoes, ketchup, and tin foil semi trailers! He's got sparks to fly and metal to burn! The next Monster Garage is just around the bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear you are okay Jesse.


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only if the guy who does the voice over or w/e you call it his reads off the first post. Thats voice just amuzes me lol..... no homo


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Holy shhh!! Glad to hear everything is ok!
On a less serious note, I wonder what the conductors first reaction is? Is it run like crazy to the end of the train? Or do they have some sort of protection or wall behind that area? Just wondering.


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I guess the show was just knocking on wood! good to hear everyone is okay!


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James was quoted as saying "I only wish I had a big basket of fries from Frisco's to mop up some of this ketchup!"


Scary deal. Glad JJ, his son and everyone else are OK!


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Didn't seem like it put much hurt on the train, you sure there wasn't a JJ film crew there?
Photoshop the train all black with flames?


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mmmmmm Tomaccos!
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harleys dad

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I thought you were talking about his racing operation. Glad he and his son were not hurt