John Stossel Special Friday at 7pm on ABC


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John Stossel Challenges the Doomsayers Warnings on Genetic
Engineering, Human Cloning and Global Warming, in a One-Hour Special,
Tampering with Nature with John Stossel, Airing Friday, June 29

In a one-hour special, ABC News Correspondent John Stossel
investigates the outcry over genetic engineering and human cloning and challenges
the dire warnings surrounding global warming and bovine growth hormone.
Why have recent advances in science been met with fear, protests, even
acts of terrorism? Why is the industrial society that helped make our
comfortable lives possible treated with suspicion and contempt? Stossel challenges
the activists who say we're destroying the earth's ecosystem with
everything from genetic engineering to greenhouse gases. Tampering with Nature
airs FRIDAY, June 29, 10-11 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who has quit Greenpeace, says the
environmental movement has been hijacked by political activists.
"They're using environmental rhetoric to cloak agendas like class warfare and
anti-corporatism that, in fact, have almost nothing to do with ecology,"
Moore tells Stossel.

Lately, the greenhouse effect and global warming have been all over
the news. But Stossel interviews climatologists who say there is no
consensus that global warming is harming the planet. They point to the
often-overlooked fact that huge piles of federal funding are at stake.

Says Pat Michaels of the University of Virginia: "Let's imagine
there's a senate hearing, and the senator who disburses the funds goes to the
administrator of NASA and says, 'I've heard global warming is the most
serious problem confronting mankind. Can your agency use another $2
billion a year to study this thing?' What's he gonna say? No?"
Moreover, Stossel points out that even if greenhouse gases were restricted, at a
cost of trillions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers, it is estimated that
this would prevent a rise in temperature of only a fraction of a degree.

Despite great improvements in the U.S. environment, schoolkids are
often given one-sided presentations about the horrors of industrial society.

Some educators and activists are enlisting students to protest the
Bush White House as part of their school curriculum, and are delivering
presentations that leave some kids fearful about the fate of humanity.

"If we don't stop [global warming]," says one student, "we could all

Stossel then turns to cloning and interviews Dr. Panos Zavos, who
hopes to clone human beings soon with new technology. "It's a marvelous thing,"
says Zavos, a reproductive specialist who wants to help infertile
couples have babies. "We have more than 1,000 couples that want to be cloned,"
he says. Anti-cloning activist Rev. Patrick Mahoney disagrees, asking
what will become of deformed children created by this new technique. "Who
takes care of that child?"

Stossel reports that genetic engineering is already saving lives
through cutting-edge medical treatments, despite activists' fears. Biotech is
also helping to make food more plentiful, as with bovine growth
hormone that increases milk production. But as Stossel finds out, even though
the World Health Organization, the FDA and the AMA all say milk from cows
given bovine growth hormone is perfectly safe, activists condemn it,
one New York protester even likening it to "crack for cows."

Many of us romanticize the simple life of groups like the Pilgrims,
but life without modern technology is tough-often fatal. Half the
Pilgrims died. That's something to keep in mind when people insist that we
should never "tamper with nature." Stossel concludes that we alter our
environment not to destroy but "to make our lives better in a hundred
ways.", the 24-hour news service of ABC News and part of the Walt
Disney Internet Group, will provide companion programming to the

Victor Neufeld is the senior executive producer of Tampering with
Nature, Martin Phillips the executive producer, and Deborah Colloton and Mark
Golden the producers.

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I don't know about you , but I was cheering out loud while watching this program last night. It is about time someone had the
guts to stand up to these whackos. How about that "preacher" in front of starbucks? Aren't those flannel wearing types the ones who
made starbucks a success in the first place? Stossel hit it on the head when he called that guy a scare monger. The one fact that
was amazing is the other side had every chance to show proof of what they are preaching yet they presented no hard evidence at all!
Hopefully, we can get more press like this. I'm planning on an email to ABC hailing their decision to air this program.

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The program last night on ABC rocked!!!! Rodney I think you gave a great overview of the show. We all need to write ABC and John Stossel and tell them how glad we are that a major media power has stood up and spoke the truth and backed it up with facts. Here are some fax numbers for ABC, I am not sure which one would be best to use but I am sure anyone of them will work fine. Just keep in mind that the other side is writing in and the media (ABC) does do things based on what the people want. Make sure they know what the public wants!

ABC WASHINGTON DC 202-887-7684
>ABC 20/20 NEW YORK NY 212-456-2969
>ABC TV LOS ANGELES CA 213-557-5210



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Paige, et al...

Does anyone have a tape of this show, or know here I can purchase one? It is sorta tough to get the US news here in Japan....

Best regards,

Bob Sheaves


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paige and everyone- i have been on vacation in the communist county of santa cruz. great place to pick fights if you own a green sticker vehicle...but i digress. i talked with some folks from the program at long marine lab aka-uc santa cruz. they have been doing studies and research in the monterey bay region for 30+ years now. lookig at some of the studies, i noticed an increase, yes an increase, in the types of species as well as an increase in numbers of some of the 'lost' animals of the sea. one of the folks told me that they have indeed seen an overall increase in the health of the coast since the original studies were done 25 years ago. some of you may remember that clinton made this area from san luis up to beyond the golden gate a preserve that just about eneded true commercial fisheries in the area as well as severe limits on pwc use and any and all offshore exploration for energy. this was sold as a way to save this poor, dieing eco system on the verge of collapse. he said even though they have proof that the bay is healthier now, they cannot release this because of political and idealogical agendas. they feel that the rebirth occured because the public has a better understanding about how the eco systems exist and that the general public has changed from a slash and burn take no prisoners in the past to a more responsible, less wasteful consumer in the last 20 years. this without the need for monuments, preserves, and wilderness areas.
i was told recently that there are very few if any turtles left alive in the tortoise preserve at cal city. seems they succombed to the respiratory infection that has been killing of the turtles. yet they seem to live where the offroad turtle killing machines with green stickers play. imagine that. could it be that offroaders love the turtles but realize they have to coexist with them? that we won't 'love them to death'? makes you wonder.

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Great information Rodney - kreg and I were also cheering thinking that it was about time - I think we should support Mr. Stossel and fax, etc. because you are absolutely correct they will be bombarded with opposing views!

I did not infact tape the show - I simply watched it - but you might be able to obtain one from ABC by writing or e-mailing through their web-site!

I think that this coupled with Vanishing Freedom which just aired on the Fox News Channel - the Media is slowly beginning to see the light - that no longer is alot of this to protect the earth - its a political agenda and that is a shame because a lot of good has come from being more aware of our environment working to protect it - but many of these groups simply go too far and some go beyond and resort to terrorism.

No matter what remember its our desert and our land - lets keep it clean!


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Got my fax off... Hope everyone else is doing the same!