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Joyner kart shocks


My co worker bought a joyner kart for something to play with at his girlfriends parents property near California city.

He wants to put air shocks on it. he is a mechanical engineer and competed in the mini Baja stuff with his engineering classmates at Cal poly and is totally over thinking this Joyner Kart ( I told him to get a real SxS) but wants to find a place local to Temecula to help him set up air shocks on the Joyner kart. Any recommendations? He wants to weigh each corner etc etc.
I hope his girlfriend's parents' property is not too big.


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Calculating proper oil & nitrogen setup for an air shock just isn't worth it. Too many variables including temperature. I can calculate the correct valving, but it's lower accuracy than coilovers, smoothies, and bypasses.

Cosmo nailed it, coilovers are your best bet if he wants a bolt on solution without having to fine tune himself.


I ran 2" Fox air shocks on my race Rhino build and loved them. Re valving is the same as any other shock. And you can add a measured amount of oil in them to increase the spring rate.