JR1 & JR2 Scattershields


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Recently during a dyno test, Doug Flemming had a flywheel come apart on a JR1-JR2 motor. During this mishap there has been a lot of discussion about making the vehicles safer for the drivers in case this type of failure occours during a race. iTi Performance Motorsports has been working with Lee Perfect and the Lucas Off-Road series officals to come up with a way to improve the safety of the vehicle for the JR1 and JR2 Karts. Should a failure occur during a race without the shield, it could cause injury to the driver. This Scattershield improves the safety to the driver during the race. iTi has received approval form Lee Perfect for the use of the new iTi Performance Motorsports Scattershield. This part bolts onto your engine and places a shroud around the flywheel area. This part according to Lee will become manditory for the 2010 season.

This weekend at the M4SX race iTi Perfromance Motorsports will have these shields available for sale. The shield is made of steel and is powder coated Red so the officals can easily see which cars are using the device thus making the tech of the vehicles very easy. The shield come complete with all of the hardware required to install the shield and it is a direct bolt on part.. The price of the new scattershield is $59.95.

Please stop by and take a look at this new device this weekend at the iTi Trailer. You may also visit our web site at www.itimotorsports.com