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Juanco Scammed Me!


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Tired of Juan's BS and lies so I just want to pass on my recent experience. This recap is very accurate because all my text messages in conversation have been saved.

-September 2014 I shipped my stock wiring harness, ECU and pedal to Juan. Juan was going to build me an adapter plate to mate my Ford 3.7L to a TH400 trans.

-November 21, 2014 Juan called me and said my wiring harness, ECU, TH400 adapter plate and pedal were ready. He asked that I send him $1850 for payment in which I did.

-November 28 my daughter was born

-December 18, 2104 I contacted Juan since I hadn't received my parts. Juan said he was going to Solo MS on Monday so he would drop off my parts. I figured he was busy and he didn't have time to ship my parts so all good.

A few weeks went by and missed calls and voicemails were left with Juan and no response.

-January 20, 2015 I basically called him out saying that it's BS he said my parts were ready and now I'm getting the run-around. Juan said the machine shop had not given him the adapter plate and he got sidetracked with other jobs. Juan said he did't realize it had been 2 months and he's going to get it done today. To try and shut me up Juan says he would hook me up with a dyno tune.

One weeks goes by and I don't hear from Juan…

-January 27th, 2015 I sent Juan a text basically saying to refund me my money for not delivering my parts and giving me the run-around again. Juan said he was driving to Solo MS tomorrow.

That week…a driver from Solo MS picked up parts from Fiberwerx including a "box" of my parts. The only item in the box was my adapter plate and nothing else!

It has been another 2 months and I have not received one phone call or text message back from Juan. I have texted and called him regularly about the $1800 cash and parts that he has kept. I feel like I got robbed by this guy and everybody should know what an unprofessional child-like person this guy is. I don't car if he bites off more than he can chew….communication goes a long way. Above anything, don't tell a customer that their parts are ready then take their money and give them the runaround for 6 months!


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Man this story sounds so familiar. I gave him parts to assemble my 3rd member almost 2 years ago. Brand new case and ring gears. All he had to do was source a few items to make it complete and assemble. Hundreds of phone calls and texts and now he wont call back or reply. Last contact I had was about 6 months ago with his excuses about being in Mexico or really busy and he didnt want to screw me because I was referred to him by a good friend of his. I didnt give him any cash but he made out with my parts that I assume are probably on another car by now. Definitely stay away from this guy. Juan if you see this you have my number and can make it right. Drop off my parts at Fiberwerx if you dont want to face me.

jake webb

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I had JUANCO rebuild my 2002 ford f150 5.4 transmission with a shift kit and have had no problems and would recommend him to anyone. You must understand he is a transmission specialist. He gave me a two year warranty and three day turn around. AAMCO could not do that.