Jump Championships


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Apr 2, 2001
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Riverside, CA
Just a reminder that we need as many people out there jumping as possible. The Jumps are really smooth and the smaller of the two is very easy on the vehicle. There were so many nice trucks in the parking lot last year, anything we can do to get them in the show just let me know. I need to stress that this is a great oportunity for fab shops to get thier work seen, for just a few dollars your vehicle will be seen by thousands of people and on nearly every off-road website and possibly a couple pulications, not to mention the video guys. We may also have some network TV coverage. Also to the racers who have sponsor logos on thier cars and trucks, here's your chance to make your sponsors happy and let that advertising be seen, i would venture to say that Jim Hall's truck was downloaded more times from the jump champs last year than the winners of some of the most prestigious desert races. The bigger of the two jumps is very simalar to the laughlin leap, im hoping that the high HP guys can hit 140 feet this year. Hope to see everyone out there.