Jump Champs Wrapup!


What A Joke
Well what a day! The jump champs were really fun and about 1000 people showed up!!

The General II had an awesome day getting 43-46 feet off the little jump and then Walt took it off the big jump and got 63 feet!!! With a 200sx!!! lol Thats farther than all of the stock class and the super stock class. Walt you rock buddy!

The white chevy that set the new record at 122 foot was pretty damn cool!!

It was cool to see a lot of big name trucks out there too like Big Bird!

Video will be up tonight!


deffinately a fun day. there was alot of trucks out there and a ton of spectaters which was awsome to see. I had fun jumping my truck and talking and hanging out well worth the $10. i got spanked by the MAP but its fine i can hear it now though all the bs i will be getting form my friends. i might have to look into the cost of a 4.3 now. riding in the general was awsome i thought we were gonna die but it worked pretty good didnt really hurt at all. tons of hot chicks there too. Greg and Jen kick @$$ job.



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It looked like to me to be a great turnout. I wasn't there but flew over several times this morning while flight checking the crotch rocket and I couldn't believe how many cars there were down there. I even saw the General II amongst all the stuff......must have been the shark fin that stood out. ;-)



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hey now...correction....my super stock went 68 feet off the big jump....but I admit I was very impressed with the general.....way to wow the crowd Austin.



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I had a great time today at the Jump Champs. I knew Kyle Taylor was gunna show up in his prerunner but his younger brother Jason bringing his Pro-2 short course white chevy i didnt know about. It was awe inspiring watching his truck soar through the air all 122ft that it did. I had a great day and the General II was great to watch. The only thing from the whole day that i can gripe about is acouple flat out rude spectators that walked up and stood directly infront of me as if i wasn't their. That chapped my hide. Good Show Greg!!!!!


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Unfortunately i wasnt able to make it today but heard some good stories. I cant wait for the videos to come for us less fortunate.

Also, 122 ft, dont you need a pilots license for that.


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Damn, what happened to Ryan Rose's truck?? Was that the rear trailing arm that broke??

Other than that looks like everyone had fun!!!!!!


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His driver's side trailing arm snapped in half and the truck drifted off the course. Greg had to use the tractor to lift his rear end off the ground and roll the truck out of the way. The contest was great, can't wait for the next ROR event. Thanks Jen for letting me get out there and film when you were all out of media passes. I should have a video up in a few days when I can find some spare time.


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it was definetly fun as hell. im glad that the cage in the general 2 didnt have to get tested (although im damn sure it woulda held hehe). my only gripe was the heat...standing out on the track for hours and hours....i shoulda brought more water out. i have pics and a link to austins video on my page under galleries....more pics posted every day. www.esbfab.com/esbfabricationsgallery.htm


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I'm so glad everyone had a good time. We did, too! Don't think we would do this kind of stuff if we didn't enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks to all the vendors, spectators, and competitors - you all are the ones that made it a success! My biggest gripe of the day: I didn't get a chance to get any photos. If anyone is willing, could you please send me three or four good jump photos (one of them of Greg...two or so of any others that are good) and if anyone has a crowd shot, too, I will give photo credit for any photos used and a copy of Truck Builder magazine that the photos appear in. I got a call this morning for photos and I have none! Thanks in advance if you can help. My email is jen@prerunners.com. There's a lot more I'd like to say about the day, but I'm going to be late for work!


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The MAP took Second place of the Super Stock class at 55 feet, and 4 inches!!!!!! And the best part of all of that, was I was able to drive it home!!! (I think I busted a motor mount, but nothing too serious!)
Thanks again to Jen and Greg, awesome day!