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I hadn't put any info up on this meeting because I wasn't sure it was going to be happening, but it looks like the meeting at Wicked Fabrication in Upland IS happening this Sunday, June 10th, around noon. The guys at Wicked are very cool and good friends of ours. They are having a live band and The Kingsmen, a group of lovable greaser-type car guys are going to be there (also very cool guys). There is a slight possibility some guys from the Metal Mulisha might be there but this is NOT confirmed, so if they don't show up don't be too disappointed. Matt, Yosef, and Nick (A.K.A. Wicked) look forward to having everyone visit so if you can make it we'll see you there! The address is 1785 W. Arrow Rte #B3 in Upland, 91786. I'm not going to give directions because Arrow Rte. and Arrow Hwy. are marked really weird, so go to <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.mapquest.com>www.mapquest.com</A> and put in that address just like I typed it and it'll give you directions from wherever you're coming from.

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