june meeting videos


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do the videos have to be viewed in qucktime?? i never had it before, then installed it to see some of the baja 500 videos from stuck throttle, and now it pops up at all videos. it seems to take forever to download them. i don't know a whole lot about this so any help is appreciated...


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Gary...it sounds like somehow Quicktime was made to be your "default movie player." Someone else recently had this problem and here's how you can get the regular windows media player: go to "start", then "programs", then "accessories", then "entertainment". "windows Media Player" should be one of the options you can click. Once it is open you can just go to "open" up at the top of the player and select the folder where the videos you want to watch are stored. It would be a lot more help if I could tell you how to change your default player...but I can't. As far as the videos from the June meeting go, I know they take a very long time to download. Someone else (Austin) was gracious enough to put them up on the web for us to view, but because of the length of time it takes to get them I have only viewed a few (Greg's of course, aren't I biased??? Shame on me!). If you really want to see them I suggest downloading them while you're doing something else, like watching a movie or cleaning the garage. When you're done...viola! there it is waiting for you. Otherwise, there are some good pictures from the meeting on prerunners.com. With a little imagination they are as good as the moving pictures! ...Jen

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