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I knows its early,but when and where will theJune meeting be?I have to decide to drive or fly up to the beautiful cosmopoliton city of Fresno,poolman


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Hey Poolman...it's not too early. I plan these things way in advance! I just don't set anything in stone and that goes for the June meeting. We're trying to get something together for Friday night June 15th(?) or is it 16th? in Vegas before the Offroad Show. We are also trying to put something together for Upland on Sunday June 10th at Wicked Fabrication. We have planned: a punk band, perhaps some dirbike freestyles (very tentative), and perhaps making it a joint meeting with a pretty cool bunch of greaser-type kids who have a car club called the Kingsmen. As I said, nothing is set in stone, but those are what I've got penciled in. We are definitely going to the Vegas Sand & Offroad show that weekend of the 16th and we'll also be at the Kar Tek 400 (Greg is riding with Dale HInes, another IP member and 5 car racer. Let us know when you'll be in our neck of the woods AZ boiiiiiii!

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