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Just Announced: Toyota Signs B.J. Baldwin!


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BJ's new livery looks awesome! I love the black, gray and silver scheme with purple metallic Method wheels. Can't wait to see this TT roam the desert!

Let's start winning again, BJ!
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.19.28 PM.png


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BJ's social accounts made it easier to break the news. All thanks to Google, of course! I just had to type BJ Baldwin and 'Toyota' in the Google search engine tool and the article came up. Too easy.

I'm in marketing, what can I say? ;)
Yeah I already tweeted him back on it waiting to see what he says lol
Speed (@speed_sb4pro)
5/6/16, 3:23 PM
@BJBaldwin97 we found you out BJ awesome news if it's true pic.twitter.com/kh8rSAbAcS

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Fly'n Ryan

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Awesome!!! Now put that thing on a trailer and get to Laughlin!


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What do you mean "a true TRD Tundra like Ivan drove"? His race trucks were built and prepped by Cal Wells' PPI in Orange County. TRD provided the engines.

Bdub 1020

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Is this a case of we will give you 500k for your program that you spend 1 million to campaign or is it really a profitable thing with Monster Toyo and Toyota. I know some spend way more than they receive from sponsors but they look cool. Would really like to see BJ win some again.

Slippery P

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The Engine package should be interesting.