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Just bought a “ Raptor “


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Since this is as close as I’ll ever get to having a Raptor I just bought this .

2F2FF702-4999-4AEB-AC1F-DE94FB1C516D.jpeg 4E77F04F-BEC3-41F5-9ECE-993DFC1E0931.jpeg A257DD37-868F-4323-B4FC-DF2048916A8D.jpeg 39D926BB-5169-42E6-AD3F-86E4AEA161AD.jpeg
It’s really scaled out even has opening doors and tailgate , independent front suspension and solid rear axle with leaf springs in rear

jon coleman

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thats the ticket, my future rock krawler is gonna have a cab up & over front wheels , like a tower crane operator so i can see what the heck im trying to climb over..


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Been slowly adding details added the Rugged Radios decals and stripes . Got the idea for the stripes from the real Shelby Raptor . Next step is gonna be painting the wheels . What do you all think should I
A- stick with black and just paint the beadlock rings silver
B- go all silver
C- go all white or
D- go with other suggestions ( add your suggestions below )



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Just added even some more details . I switched out the “ HERO “ logo for the actual FORD logo . The company that makes the truck would have had to charge even more money to have it licensed by Ford so they made the grill logo say “ HERO “ instead but there is another company that does 3D printing and they make the FORD logo