Just got a free '85 F150


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I'm 28 just got ahold of a 1985 F-150, 302 FI, AOD 4spd, 2wd, for free and i'm looking to set it up for some fast trips through the desert. I have driven nice trucks off-road they have just never been my truck so I was never involved in the build. I am car savvy but all of my experience is from street racing. I am just looking for some guidance at this point as to the best course of action for a normal guy with a normal budget to eventually go very fast off-road. Also, after a couple days driving it has stalled numerous times, always going downhill wierdly enough and now will not start. There is spark, I'm thinking the fuel filter is clogged as the truck sat for about a year before I got it. Any real input here would be appreciated too. Already cleaned the EGR, IAC, and replaced the O2 sensor and the distributor cap and rotor.


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Your in luck, you got yourself a great platform to build a killer pre-runner, just of course depends on how deep your pockets go, if your on a budget, start looking at other trucks out there and what they run, then start shopping on RDC, get a game plan and stick to it, try to get all your parts before you start building the truck or tearing into it, this is where most people go wrong and their projects never see the light of day, dont tear it up until you have everything to put it back together and concentrate on the total package, dont just go crazy on the front end and do nothing to the back, in fact I would do the back before I would do the front, the stock I beam front end actually works pretty well