Just got...


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One of those new 1/16 traxxas slashes with the VLX brushless in it!! My team got some from Traxxas and man it rips!! I painted the wheels ( black with a blue beadlock ring and blue "hubs" aka the screws). I recommend one of these bad boys. Its small so it doesnt take up much space in my room and its a blast to drive! Now looking into buying a lipo :D:eek: Go get one! ( the Jerry Whelchel edition of course) ;):p


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I love mine!

I highly recommend adding 50wt shock oil, handles much better.

Any pics?


hhmmm :) Sounds like a tasty snack for my SC8 :eek:


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That is an awesome car and very durable. My two buddies have a Traxxas and they jump it off the roof trying to land on the backside of a berm on our track. More often than not, the cars do a face plant and handle it.

I do recommend upgrading your shock, or at the very least adding 50 wt oil and spring upgrade. The cars are heavy compared to my SC10 and blow the shocks out fast.


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ive wanted one bad since they were rumored. but i always talk myself out of it because id have to buy two brushless with 4 lipos ahah.