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Just me or RDC been down??!


What A Joke
Alright umm is it just me or has the site been down for the past 2 days?? It might be Cox crappy service but it wasent working for other people around here too.

Go Big Or Go Home


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I've been locked out for two days also. I've been jonesing for my hourly RDC updates for two days now. :)


Send your $.02 in order to renew!



Krittro Campbell
RDC has blown up so big that the server couldn't handle it. Props to the guys running RDC. WE love the site.


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We have been experimenting some major difficulties on our server starting Monday throughout this week. We are working closely on this issue and it should be resolved shortly.

Keep in mind that all of us (rdc crew) have daytime jobs and we operate this site in our spare time (sometimes during regular work duties).

I apologize to all of our sponsors and readers for any downtime.

Pictures from the SCORE Laughlin race should be up shortly.

Next time the server is down again make it family time away from the computer for a change. ;-)


Klaus are you loosing disks or has the machine been compromised?

Are you aware of the sshd exploit?



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BajaWaldo said: "Send your $.02 in order to renew!"

I do that almost daily; must be a lifetime member by now!

Thanks to the RDC crew.


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Thanks for the effort Klaus and John. Ive got the family time covered, I need something to do at work............er I mean when I am on break or during lunch.

O Mejor Regresa A Casa


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YAH thanks Klaus and John! This website kicks butt. Keep up the good work.

You may beat me in the flats, but watch out in the whoops.


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Hehehe, Yeah Tim a Newbie gives .02 cents, and now were enthusiasts, our raises has got us to at least .04 cents for our comments....


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Well, I was also having trouble accessing the site last week around the same time everyone else seemed to be having trouble. Last night and today I had trouble trying to access it again. I'm glad I got in this time, because I needed my RDC fix! And I don't even race or live in So Cal, so I can imagine how bad it must be for the rest of y'all!

Ed Q.