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Just sent this to CORR tech. What do you think?


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"The MacCachren Rule"

To whom it may concern,

I have been following the controversy concerning the use of the air shock's in particular to Rob MacCachren's pro-4 race truck. From what I've gathered MacCachren and team have managed to find somewhat of a loophole in the CORR rules regarding this issue by passing tech with the shock's inflated, and then deflating the shock's by mean's of a dash mounted relief valve mounted on the dash of the truck while on the track. I understand that it's not the air shock's themselves that are in controversy here it's the ride height rule already in the CORR rule book that is in question. Obviously a lower ride height would give beneficial performance to MacCachren over the rest of the field, and a violation of the rules would be in place here. MacCachren was given a grandfather ruling for some time on this issue, but it was put to an end in compliance with competitors concern regarding this matter.
The CORR racing organization's response to this matter was to take away MacCachren's right to use these shock's, or anyone else for that matter, requiring conventional racing shock absorbers to be used, leveling the playing field once again.
Now I'm not writing this because I'm a diehard MacCachren fan, actually I am a fan of Curt LeDuc, However I do feel that there is a more responsible, and reasonable decision to be had in favor of both CORR, and the sport of offroad racing. I purpose you at CORR Tech consider doing the following;

-Lower the overall ride height of these truck's in the rule book. If it's a advantage to both speed, and safety what do you have to loose? It is an open class. This would level the playing field just as well, and be of little expense to the teams, as opposed to having one team retrofit there whole truck for competition at great expense.

-Show sponsors, and advertisers that CORR welcomes the use of new and innovative technology. Not condones it!

-Take into consideration how long some of the veteran drivers have been with your organization? MacCachren is a great spokesman for both CORR Racing, and the sport of offroad racing itself. Seems this issue has put him out of contingent this year. This will effect everyone, even CORR itself.

Gentlemen, if you put this all together this decision has put a racer out of contingent for a while. Lowered the number of entries in your premiere class. Closed the door for new, and innovative technologies. I'm sure it put concern in the minds of MacCachren's sponsors (sorry I can't race, my truck's not legal?) Last, put concern in the minds of the MacCachren race fans as to his sudden halt in racing with CORR. If you think about it you guy's shot yourselves in the foot here. As a business you never turn down a customer, or those who follow him. You do your best to find a prudent solution, and that was defiantly not done here! Offroad Racers love competition, Please don't take that away, for there sake. You guy's have done such a superb job! Why change things now?


"The MacCachren Rule"

As for the shock controversy surrounding Rob MacCachren, last year's first-ever champion of four off-road racing series within the same year (CORR, SNORE, SCORE and Best in the Desert) is awaiting the word from Ford. The Blue Oval may be the one to shell out some $30,000 to help their "Golden Boy" downgrade his shocks from air to the conventional fluid to comply with what's been called the "MacCachren Rule."

His remote controlled air shocks that control the ride height of the Pro 4 Ford, which were legal last year, are said to have now been banned. And since the new rule was changed so close to the CORR season opener next weekend in New York, MacCachren and team manager and builder Bruce Fraley is said to be about ready to throw in the towel because of the cost of downgrading to the conventional shock setup. He's looking for Ford to come through and it is likely that they will.



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Excellent response. I just recently heard the other day that he has withdrawn from racing CORR this season. I think it is wrong what CORR is doing. I think allot of people are going to be upset that he is not competing and I hope CORR realizes what a mistake they have made.


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good response...but you used the word "condone" incorrectly...if you haven't sent it yet, you might want to fix that.


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Open class = everything is legal....in my opinion. Thats the way it should be. People bitch about cost, but if you are racing an open class, cost should be the last thing on your mind.


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WERD Kritter,
OPEN is OPEN. I wonder how far along dirt bike technology would be if the AMA wouldn't have introduced the production rule which stopped the use of truly exotic works bikes, but thats a totally different thread.
Anyways, great job BajaRunner

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Greg and I were just discussing this, so I'll post for the both of us. Pro 4 is NOT an open class...far from it, BUT to disallow a car to race because it uses more advanced technology is ass-backwards. You would think that Rob would be at a DISadvantage because he is using new and unproven methods, however, knowing his record, that hasn't been the case. It sucks that he won't be racing CORR this season, but he DID know that eventually they would be pulling the grandfather thing and making him step up (down) to what every one else is doing. We had hoped he had something up his sleeve and would show up to the first race, but...nope. It's a shame...Rob uses arguably the greatest fabricator of all time to build his Pro 4 and now it won't even be racing.

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I hear the mad scientist of Off-road has a new Trophy truck up his sleeve, Rob should finish this up and come play at SCORE where there are no rules. It is a shame to let a good sponsor go to waste. The last Trophy Truck Nye Frank built won Rob the championship, but the competition is getting tougher!

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A shock is a shock !!!!! Whats the problem. I wish Rob would put coil-overs on it and kick all their asses for one race then pull out. The bottom line is the wins and the championships !!!!!! Sounds like someone doesn't like it !!!!!


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As for the Pro-4 class NOT being a open class, very true! There are many limitations, and rules to abide by. The point is that Pro-4 is the most prestige's, and unlimited class CORR has to offer, it is there form of OPEN. Besides, every racing organization in motorsports has some type of rules, and guidelines in there top class, even SCORE Trophy truck. Really no one really gave a crap about these shocks until Rob started winning championships! People seem think these shocks where a crazy idea until now. Now that a couple of championships have been won, and this year CORR has a new tech director! The shocks are illegal?? What gives? I see no reason for one team to spend thousands of dollars in the converting of a previously legal truck. I say let everyone lower down the ride height, make the trucks faster, and let the racing begin! Everyone would have something to gain from Rob's knowledge!