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Hello, all. I have been reading this section of the website for sometime now and its time to live my dream and quit watching others. I will be starting my build soon and have some questions. I will be doing most work myself and was wondering these things. Is there a certain year transmission I should be looking for? One year better than the other? I am in the process of tracking down a ball joint front end, any secrets on or advice there? I am going to get the front end started first, turning the beam, strengthening spindles and such. And I am in the process of finding a chassis builder, any advice? And what is the average price of a chassis? Do you guys recommend chromo over mild steel? It would also be great if anyone is selling any used parts that you think I may be in need of. What size fuel cell do most of you use? Thanks


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1. I think you should be your complete front end from Silcock (Doug969).

2. Get your transmission from a builder that does 9 cars. I will let people chime on on who they would recommend.

3. There are a lot of good builders out there for a chassis. In this order my choice would be Lothringer or Seagrove (SP?) .

If you are not set on building one it would be cheaper and faster to buy a 9 car already done. There are several for sale right now and I would suggest that green and black one personally.

Things to think about 1 or 2 seater....... score legal? As far chassis I think DOM is fine but some favor Chromoly

Best of luck!

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Mike.. come out to the races, hang out a tech for a few hours and maybe work a pit during the race.. I think that and what Shed has said would provide a great start for ideas.