Kart Testing for Some Pros @ Lake Elsinore!

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Successful Day of Kart Testing for a Few of Off Road’s Best!

It looks like the gloves are about to come off as race-day is getting near. All day Thursday, some of the best of the “pro-kids” provided their 250cc “Elite” karts to some of off road racing‘s most talented drivers from the pro-lite, pro 2 wheel, & pro 4 wheel drive ranks. Some of the bigger names in attendance were Casey Currie, Kyle LeDuc & Brian Deegan.
Casey Currie looked fast right off the trailer. He spent the afternoon tuning shocks and the whole handling package in the former Jake White Elite Kart. Kyle LeDuc was also impressive right away. He probably had more laps around the track than anyone today driving the house car for Nester Berardi. Brian Deegan’s day didn’t get off to the greatest start when the “PJ” Wenzel driven “Elite” ripped the rear axle housing in 2, 6 laps into the first test session. The only funny part was that PJ was just warming it up and Brian wasn’t even at the track yet. A replacement rear axle housing was found and the guys from NEWLINE Trophy Karts had Brian on the track about 2 hours later. After close to 45 laps during three different sessions, the “godfather” of the Metal Mulisha was all smiles and pretty confident going into Saturday’s event. But then so did Currie and of course, LeDuc!
There are plenty more surprise drivers signing up for this first time ever kart race. Racing action for all classes gets underway Saturday @ Perris Speedway. Gates open at 5:00pm so get there early. Don’t forget, PIT GATE opens at 8:00am and you can hang out all day with your favorite drivers & celebrities for $25.00


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