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KARTCROSS /// 120hp, 320Kg (Videos)


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The season has finally started in czech republic and we had first testing session.
I tried to measure the speed and g-forces with GoPro 5
Is Bernd Stubbe famous in Europe? Im trying to start to follow the 2018 FIA Euro Autocross championship.. I've watched some of the 2017 season this month on youtube trying to catch up. Im really in love with the superbuggy class... And this guy Bernd is 8 time champ! haha But is he like "famous"? Or at least among local/national series and drivers?


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I took the fam out to the local speedway in Perris this last weekend they had 3 those cars out running on a makeshift course. Pretty cool to see them run in person .
This is motorsport
BTW... round5 of the Fia European AUtocross championship is this weekend at nova paka! Hope you can make it!
I started an unofficial account for the EuroAX series on twitter, trying to compiling videos and information I find in different places cuz theres no "CENTRAL ACCOUNTS" about this excellent championship. Its @FiaEuroAX (twitter). Im not the greatest MEDIA GUY, especially since Im from south america and theres literally almost ZERO things about AutoCross.. but hey, its better than nothing! haha Cheers
FUCKYYYYYYYYYYEEEEAAAA mate!!! Haha we can see you upset cuz of the red flag but sometimes it could be good! haha Congratulations!! Its Very cool to watch your onboards and now a victory! Congrats!!! U have been trying for a while.. and its such a hard competition! But you got it bro! Nice!
Are you racing in Prerov this next weekend? (with the fia euro autocross)